Metrics Matter: Marketing Data Collection Types

marketing metrics

So you’ve created a marketing campaign, and now what?

A marketing campaign can be a powerful tool, and a great insight into your market and what works, what doesn’t work and what needs to change in order for you to reach the next level. Every campaign can provide new information that a company can use to make changes for further growth. 

Learn how marketing data can be used to provide insight into what is working, and what may need to change. 

Website Data

96% of mobile search traffic originates from Google search results.

A website is a powerful tool. The website is a virtual marketplace in which an individual or company is able to showcase the best of their offerings. It also is a great place to learn from.

Website tracking provides marketing data on overall website views, individual page views, the bounce rate on each page, and where the viewer came from. Data collection software can take the confusion out of marketing metrics, a program like ABA data collection software can help any company or individual make impactful changes in no time! If one metric seems low it could mean that a page needs an update, but if there is a pattern it’s possible that something is being overlooked.  

For example, if page views are low, creating more impactful SEO keywords could bring more traffic to the page. 

Social Media Data

Are you engaging with your audience?

Audience engagement is the most impactful metric on social media. Social media provides likes, comments, and shares. With this information, it will be possible to tell how people feel about what is being shared. The more engaged an audience is, the more that they are liking the content that is coming out. 

The marketing data goes a step further on social media, allowing you to see the age, gender, and location of people viewing content. This can be useful in creating buying personas.

A buyer persona is a type of audience member that you have, each is different, with different wants and needs. If a company understands its audience, then the better they can do in offering that audience what they want. 

ROI Marketing Data

How much return on investment was there?

One of the most powerful marketing metrics a company can look at is the ROI. The return on investment is a telling metric. As the name implies it shows how much lead generation and sales came from the cost and production of marketing content.

If profit is the main metric that a company uses to gauge success than they will want a high ROI number. The better the ROI, the more money the company will make. 

Find Your Voice

How are you new and different from the market?

Customers are looking for companies and brands that they can identify with. Marketing data allows you to see if the content that you are putting out into the world is relevant to this. If your company or brands’ website, social media, and ROI marketing data is increasing then you know that you are marketing effectively.

If not, engage with your audience and learn what it is that they want most. This can help make sure that your company is on the right track and it will make your audience feel heard. 

You have all the power at your fingertips it’s time to use marketing data to grow your company or business!    

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