Metal Prints vs. Canvas Prints

Do you want to get your favourite image print,ed but are confused about which medium to choose for the print – metal or canvas? Here is the key difference between metal and print canvas that will help you make the right choice…

Metal Prints

Metal prints are modern art pieces that are made from aluminium sheets. The sheet is covered with a special coating that is used to absorb the image during printing. Then, a metal cutting machine is used to cut the aluminium into the desired shape.

Metal prints are usually preferred for images with vibrant colours. Dull or blurred images don’t work really well on it. It gives images a bolder look by making the colour contrasts more prominent and sharper. Metal prints are costly compared to canvas prints, but the realistic look that they create makes them worth buying.

Metal prints are preferably used for these kinds of images:

Black and White

The contrast between black and white becomes quite prominent when metal prints are used for such images. Metal print gives the black colour a really pretty deeper shade that truly enhances the beauty of the image.


Landscapes are full of different bright colours that look quite realistic when you print them on aluminium. Due to the ability of metal prints to give images a vibrant look, most landscape photographers choose metal prints to hang their favourite images in a gallery with. Foliage, yellow leaves, and drying trunks all look incredible on metal.


Sunset images have warm colours that look alive when such images are printed to metal. Red and yellow colours look very intense, and give the image a realistic look. If you want to hang a sunset image in your room that really looks real, go for the metal print.


Metal printing is popularly used for seascape photography. Different shades of blue sky and seawater look unbelievable. They look so realistic that it becomes hard to resist touching the print and feel it with your hands. As metal prints look quite realistic, they are more suitable for modern interiors.

Canvas Prints

In a canvas print, an inkjet printer is used to print an image onto the canvas material. A frame is then made, and the canvas material is stretched on to it. Canvas prints are quite flexible with their placement. They look as good in a restaurant as they look in a home.

The texture of the material gives prints a softer look, and the way material is wrapped around the frame, the print looks very artsy. Canvas prints go well with both bold and soft-coloured images. However, the print colour is usually lighter or duller than the original colour of the image.

Canvas prints look good in almost all kinds of interiors, but they seem more suitable for transitional interiors. They give a classic, yet simple look.

The Bottom Line

Both metal and canvas prints are worth trying. They have their own uniqueness. You should select one of these based on your room’s interior design and the image type.



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