Men’s Necklaces That Look Awesome With a V-Neck T-Shirt

V-neck t-shirts are a great men’s wardrobe staple. They look stylish with jeans, chinos, wool trousers and tailored shorts; you can wear them under suit jackets and blazers as well as under hoodies. 

However, to lift the entire outfit to the next level and look really good (like, really good), you need something extra. We’re talking necklaces here. 

Yes, we’re aware that many guys are still a little wary of a necklace, but if you give them a chance, you’ll soon become addicted!

Here are men’s necklaces that look awesome with a V-neck t-shirt.

Chains and Layers

If you’re wearing a very plain outfit of a t-shirt and jeans, one of the easiest ways to give it a little zing and show your personality is just to throw on a necklace.

Chains are the ultimate classic that’s been in and out of style for decades. We’ll; they’re definitely back at the moment! 

Gold, white gold and silver chains look truly great with a V-neck t-shirt and for the ultimate style-icon effect, try layering them.

Experiment with different lengths and shades of gold by layering necklaces on top of each other. 

A stylish look is a classic skinny suit with a black or white V-neck t-shirt underneath and a few chain necklaces. Try blending different hues of metals and be creative!

Dog Tags

If some guys doubt a classic golden chain, they won’t bat an eye when given dog tags. They are a great introduction to jewellery!

We’re sure it’s because of the association with the military. For those who aren’t familiar, dog tags are a pair of tabs on a ball chain with text on them. In the military, they list the wearer’s name and medical information and some other information.

For your store-bought dog tags, you can choose different designs and inscriptions. Pair them with an olive green or white V-neck t-shirt. 

However, we have to warn you that some people don’t approve of dog tags unless you served in the military. So if this is your necklace of choices, have this in mind. 


If you want something less controversial, you can always pick a neutral pendant to add to your gold or white gold necklace. And if you’re going for a more Mother-Earth vibe, swap the chain with a leather cord.

The best pendant for you will be one that represents your personality and beliefs.

When worn with a V-neck t-shirt, the cord and the pendant should be longer and continue the line. And if you like showing off skin, choose a deeper V-neck to display the pendant on the bare chest. 

Religious Pendants 

Another way to adorn your neckline is by wearing a pendant or a necklace with religious meaning. However, we strongly suggest avoiding this unless you are affiliated with that religion. 

The most popular religious pendants are various Christian crosses, from simple minimalist ones to diamond-encrusted crosses.

We prefer something simple for these pendants as over-the-top designs seem unnecessary.  

Wear the pendant, so it falls below the neckline of your V-neck t-shirt. 


Don’t like pendants? Then you might want to consider chokers. As the name indicates, these necklaces are close to the neck and don’t dangle. 

Probably the most common choker-wearers are surfers and hippies (or those who’d like to be associated with the culture).

The chokers look good with shallow V-neck t-shirts. You’ll find some great styles and colours of high-quality V-neck t-shirts at Fresh Clean Tees. Check their black v-neck 5-pack here:

Choker necklaces are often made of beads, leather, woven from hemp and adorned with different ornaments. 

You will find golden chockers too, but in our humble opinion, unless you really know how to style them, skip those bad boys!



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