Make Life for Your Restaurant Employees Easier with This Tech

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Given that they need to deal with long and unusual hours, demanding customers, and hazards like hot temperatures and sharp blades, your restaurant employees have their hands full already. Finding ways to make their life easier at work will not only lighten their load and gladden their spirits, it’ll help your restaurant run more efficiently and save money.

Here are a few ways that new technology like restaurant scheduling software can simplify work for your employees.

Better Schedules in Less Time

One frustrating and recurring task all restaurant employees face is creating a schedule. Restaurants may open early and close late, and satisfying the specific needs of each employee and the restaurant can be an intricate juggle.

That’s why a bistro scheduling app for your employees that’s specifically designed to make the different pieces for restaurant workers come together in less time is essential. It can produce schedules in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take, good for a 1-3% reduction in labor costs off the bat for your bottom line.

Your employees will love relaying their work availability to their managers remotely through the app, instead of having to scrawl it into a busy calendar when they are physically at work. This way, they can keep their personal lives better organized sooner in advance.

Smart, Effective Communication

Technology can be a double-edged sword: sometimes it feels like we’re spending more time communicating because of all the screens in our lives. That’s why your employees will love communication tools specifically designed to work efficiently and save them time.

If a manager needs to inform them of simple information, they can do so in a one-way message that nobody can respond to. This way, they learn what they need to without wasting time reading needless replies.

But if a group or team needs to chat among themselves, the software makes it easy for them to do so in whatever configuration is required. If a manager needs someone to cover a shift in an emergency, they can message the relevant employees right away.

Whoever is free to take the shift can let the team know. This process ensures that each staff member has a fair crack at taking an extra shift if they’d like to, but also consumes as little of their time as possible, and doesn’t disturb any employee unnecessarily.

Team Feedback

It’s important that all employees feel heard and valued. Employee scheduling software allows each staff member to rate each shift and describe in their own words how they think it went.

This way, managers can iron out little issues before they blow up into bigger problems. Staff will feel empowered knowing that their perspective is valued and taken into consideration by their superiors. Restaurant staff work hard — they’re on their feet for long hours, and serving customers can be fatiguing. They will really appreciate technology which helps save them time and makes life at work easier, while the restaurant will enjoy more streamlined and efficient operations

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