Looking To Sell Your Home In Jacksonville – Try This New Way To Sell

Sell Your Home In Jacksonville

When you are looking to sell your house, the natural instinct is to hire a realtor, go to an agency or go through the whole process on your own. However, there is another option that you have maybe not thought about before – one that will leave you feeling satisfied as well as financially secure. It involves looking for a direct buyer for your property. In order to understand why this is the better option, here is a list of benefits that you will derive from a direct sale, according to JaxCashBuyers.com.

You Don’t Have to Pay a Commission

Usually, when you hire an agent or realtor, you have to pay them a commission of around 3-6 percent of the sale. However, if you opt for a direct sale, you are free of that responsibility and can retain all proceeds from the sale ( https://www.thebalance.com/what-are-the-benefits-to-paying-cash-for-a-home-1798721)

There are No Advertisement Costs

When you sell through an agent or agency, you have to pay exorbitant amounts for advertising your house on the right platforms. This kind of expense is cut right down, if not completely eliminated, when you decide to sell your house to a direct buyer.

No Display Costs

Just like you can save a ton of money through the lack of advertisement, a direct sale would also protect you from display costs. There will be no need to showcase your house if it’s a direct sale.

No Cleaning Costs

Throughout the process of a regular sale, you need to ensure your house is clean so that potential buyers remain interested. However, when you sell it to a direct buyer, you don’t have to worry about removing your belongings, keeping it clean or maintained.

No Repair Costs

Fixtures may need to be repaired, painting redone or a shelf may need some adjustment – these are small examples of upkeep a house will need when bring your home to the market. A direct buyer will buy a home despite the fact that it needs to go through a process of maintenance or repair. They are more interested in buying your house in its current state.

No Landscaping Costs

In some cases, the outside of your home determines whether a buyer would be interested in seeing the inside. Thus, many realtors suggest that you landscape the outside so that the house looks more appealing. Through the process of a direct sale, there is no need for such measures.

No More Utility Costs

The longer you have possession of your home, the longer you will have to pay for utilities like electricity bills, insurance, tax and the like. A direct sale is a quick process that frees you of these worries.

You Get an Instant Reward

A direct sale allows you to receive what you are owed in full on the day agreed upon by both parties. The entire transaction is quick and provides you access to your money almost instantly, sometimes in days according to this article here.

It is Stress Free

Going through a realtor or listings can be stressful because you don’t know when your house will be sold, if it’ll be your asking price or how much time it will take for you to get your payment, according to WashingtonPost. Through a direct sale, also these factors are virtually eliminated.

For more reasons why a direct sale is a great idea, check out



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