Launch Your Product with the Help of Realistic 3D Animation

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Animated movies by Pixar have become a phenomenon with kids and adults alike enjoying the magic of 3D movies. The flexibility in imagination, the power of story-telling, and the art of film-making become limitless when it comes to 3D animated movies.

The term 3D stands for three dimensional. Artists use computer software to model, texture and render 3D objects, animating them as they require. These objects are manipulated in a three-dimensional space, allowing animators to give them a variety of actions and shapes as they desire.

3D animation is not just limited to the world of films. Rather, they have found use in virtual reality, healthcare, and of course, the video game industry. Being as popular as it is, it’s not hard to see why many companies are relying on the magic of 3d animation to make TV commercials, explainer videos and product videos. They are immensely engaging and also feature a realistic aesthetic.

Product Launches are Done Entirely in 3D Animation Now

The new Sony PlayStation 5 was just shown off recently. And how did they unveil it? With 3D animation of course! During a time when almost every major company and its employees are working remotely and practicing social distancing, the need for 3D animated videos is only going to grow for new product launches. Companies are increasingly launching new products online, and 3d is a big part of showing off how realistic the final design looks.

Here are some benefits of hiring a 3D animation company for product launches.

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You no longer need to hold presentations or arrange workshops to show off your new products. You can now come up with the ideal virtual environment to show off your product exactly the way you want. It doesn’t matter how complex your idea is, 3D animations can be used in a simplistic manner to convey all emotions that you want.

Launch your product in a setting you desire, without being beholden to a crowd or exhibition. Your imagination is the only limit!

No More Geographical Limits

Air travel has gotten significantly expensive and in some cases not an option at all due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This basically rules out that old norm where you had to demo a product in some far-flung place. Now, clients are demanding 3D animation videos more than ever so that companies can showcase their products to an international audience. In fact, if your product demands it, you can even animate a place of your choice for your 3D video.

There’s no need to carry a product with you when you can present it in video format anywhere. This is possible due to 3D animation techniques.

A Tried and Tested Formula

Want to deliver a product demonstration exactly the way you want? You can now say goodbye to nervous presenters, sound issues, logistical mishaps, and other missteps that could embarrass the marketing department in front of thousands if not millions of people. 3D product animation videos hold the answer. They also leave no room open for any sort of miscommunication, with you controlling how you want to unveil your product.

Unveil your product launch, exactly the way you want it.

It’s Cost-Effective

Think of all the logistical issues that are part and parcel of a product exhibition. Not just that, but it is an exercise that requires a lot of time, planning, resources and money to boot. All these things negatively impact your return of investment (ROI). A 3D animation-powered product launch costs less than half the price in comparison.

Invest in a great 3d animation video.

Realistic 3D and Why Realism is the Future

How is it that animators can pass off 3D objects as the real thing? That’s because they rely on 3D realism. No one can even tell the difference!

Wouldn’t this investment in Realistic 3D take a lot of time, resources, money and effort? The good news is that these costs have gone down significantly with time.

Let’s take a look at the seminal 1991 action blockbuster James Cameron’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. That movie had only 42 CGI (computer-generated imagery) shots which made up a mere 3.5 minutes of the movie’s running time. The work that went into bringing the villainous T-1000 to life, with the ground-breaking (for that time) liquid metal CGI effects, ended up costing $5.5 million and 8 months to create. The 3D realistic animation work was done by Industrial Light and Magic’s computer graphics department, which went from 6 to 36 people. These animators added:

  • advanced photorealistic morphing,
  • combining live action and CGI shots,
  • and ensuring that there were realistic human movements on a CGI character.

Now fast forward to 2011’s Green Lantern. This superhero movie about space cops with Ryan Reynolds had a VFX budget of $54 million, with 1315 CGI shots.Image credit :

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What do these two movies show us vis-à-vis their animation budgets? In rudimentary terms:

  • One realistic 3D animation shot costs $130,000 for Terminator 2.
  • One realistic 3D animation shot cost $46,000 for Green Lantern.

To be fair, a lot of factors go into calculating these costs. Is the CGI shot about set extensions, wire removal, or animating a whole 3D movie with characters and environments? However, going by the advancements in technology and cheaper yet more powerful hardware today, 3D animation costs are significantly down.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for weeks to render one scene because today’s sophisticated and cutting-edge hardware and software tools have cut that time down by leaps.

Stand Out From the Rest

Believe it or not, professional animators and artists are constantly coming up with new, compelling, and imaginative ways of utilizing realistic 3D videos to hook tomorrow’s customers today. Advancements in 3D software tools and hardware are enabling today’s artists to bring your vision to life. Portray your product in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your customers.

The best part? These videos can be viewed anywhere. Be it your computer, tablet, mobile, or even TV. About 4 out of 5 customers are likely to find out more about your product via a video than reading about it. That is why more and more brands are including a catchy video style on their product’s landing page. It just works.

Last but not the least, 3D videos are a perfect fit for social media. Not only are these kind of videos instantly viral, but they also help you gain more followers, which ultimately translates to more sales and increased brand awareness. This is because an attractive video articulates the benefits of your product in far less than any blog post does.

3D animation videos are here to stay. If you want to grow your business and leave the competitors behind, invest in one today.

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