Latest Movies You Need to Download Film

Latest Movies You Need to Download Film

Are you a movie lover? Then you are going to love these latest movies you need to watch. You can easily download film sub indo as well if you don’t understand much English at Yes, these movies are western and are great for you to watch on the weekends!

This year, there are a lot of great movies that has been released and you need to watch. You might have missed them in the cinema, but that is okay! You can just directly watch it wherever you are for free, at the comfort of your own places.

In this article, we are going to cover several movies that you are definitely going to love. From action movie that is filled with strength, horror or thriller movie that is full of suspense and terrors, to fantasy movies that you can watch and then re-watch all over again.

Download film has been very easy now that there are a lot of sites and applications that you can use to watch it. Whether you want it to be in your laptop or smartphone, or even gadgets like tablets, it is not a hard thing to do anymore.

The best part is, when you download these movies you are not spending anything because they are free. And you can also download Indonesian subtitles to make your movie experience more enjoyable. Now, check out these movies that you need to watch this year!

Download Film Sub Indo John Wick: Parabellum

The John Wick movie continues the story of the super-assassin, or super hitman, John Wick who is legendary and famously nicknamed Baba Yaga aka The Boogeyman. It was discovered that John Wick was further entangled.

That is until he was expelled from the protection of Hotel Continental as a result of killing a member of The High Table. This third movie of John Wick is followed by the name Parabellum, which means preparing for war.

Intrigued at what John Wick, who is played by Keanu Reeves, is going to war with? This movie brings proud to Indonesian as there are going to be presences of Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif. You can enjoy the movies while feeling like there is a local touch inside.

You will be presented by a lot of martial arts from all over the world. This is perfect for you who loves action movies. You are in for a two hours movie that is intensely filled with fights! Where else can you find that other than John Wick’s movies?

Download Film Sub Indo Avengers: End game

Are you a fan of superhero movies? Then you must love Marvel. They just came up this year with several different movies. One movie that hit us all was Avengers: End game. Most people have already watched it. But why is it in our list?

Because now you can download film and re-watch the masterpiece again and again! It was certainly a big hype in Indonesia, following the moveis Avengers: Infinity War and Captain Marvel. Well, for those who have watched, you might miss there is one small detail.

In the movie Avengers: Endgame that has something to do with Indonesia. In the film, there is a scene that shows a map of Indonesia.  The map is visible on the globe in the room at Tony Stark’s house. Didn’t see that one coming right?

Well, you are in luck because now you can download film and re-watch the movie. See it with your own eyes that this is true! This movie has been re-watched by many people, and you could be doing that too. Go on and download the movie. Here is the review of this film.

Download Film Sub Indo Shazam

If you are more of a DC fan rather than Marvel, DC also released a movie recently called Shazam. From the start, Shazam features a lot of comedy, such as when introducing Billy Batson (Asher Angel), a 14-year-old boy from an orphanage.

He is able to transform himself from a boy into a super-powerful adult male figure (Zachary Levi) with only a special spell, Shazam! Comedy also appeared when the film began to focus telling the story of Billy’s journey to get that superpower.

One of them, when he interacted with his best friend, Freddy Freeman as the only person who knew Billy’s relationship with Shazam. The film also shows reasons why Billy ia given the opportunity to become a superhero after meeting witches on one occasion.

Shazam! Has a balanced range of scenes. Both comedy, drama and action are still complementary and proportionate. At this stage, Shazam can even stir up the feelings of the audience. It is a movie that you need to give a try to watch. See the RollingStone review.

Download Film Sub Indo Us

Now, if you are more of a thriller lover, then this movie is a must for you to watch. The movie is directed by Jordan Peele, who has succeeded with his movie Get Out that was released earlier on 2017.

The movie is about uninvited strangers coming and breaking to a family house. Interestingly, these killers have similar appearances to the whole members of the family. The city then turned into a city full of blood for everyone is stabbed by their doppelgangers.

The movie is full of terrors and bloods. What is best about the movie is that you are going to be surprised at every twist they put through out the movie. The suspense they put is perfect for you to have time to think about what is happening there.

It will leave your face shocked in the end as there are so many things to process in the movies. But, it is great and such a break from cliche horror movies that we are usually presented with. This movie is going to make you scared and think at the same time!

Those are the movies that are recommended for you to download and watch. Just go straight to downloading the movies and searching for the subtitle, and you are good to go! Enjoy watching your download film at your own time and place.

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