Joint Pain in Dogs – Recognize the Signs and Take Timely Action

Joint pain is a common problem faced by dogs. It can be extremely agonizing and impact your dog’s physical as well as mental well being. Dog owners should thus take it as their responsibility to bar the occurrence of this problem as much as possible. They must also recognize the symptoms of joint pain and take timely action on noticing them. This piece of writing is an attempt to acquaint you with the joint pain symptoms as well as the necessary action you should take on their occurrence.

Signs Your Pet is Suffering

Your pet cannot communicate its problem. This is why it is important to pay attention to its actions. Its actions and activities are a clear indicator of how well it is doing health wise. Dog owners must know the warning signs of ailments such as joint pain so as to take care of their pets when there is still time and thus bar the problem from aggravating. Here is a look at some of the symptoms of joint pain in dogs:

  • Joint pain restricts movement. If your pet seems reluctant to move then chances are it is having a hard time moving its limbs due to pain in the joint areas. As the condition worsens, they don’t show any excitement and stay grounded even when you serve their favourite food.
  • You may notice swelling in its joint areas.
  • If your otherwise active and playful dog suddenly shows disinterest in activities such as chasing the ball, jumping and climbing stairs then he may be suffering from pain.
  • Your pet is likely to pant heavily and sit after covering short distances.
  • You may hear it whine painfully at bed time.

Action Required

If you notice any of the above mentioned signs or a generally changed behaviour then don’t neglect it. You can bar the problem from aggravating and thus comfort them by taking proper care at the right time. A good veterinarian should be consulted to diagnose the root cause of the problem. Quite a few health conditions in dogs lead to this pain. Besides, joint injury can also cause the problem. The vet will suggest appropriate medication after proper diagnosis.

In addition to the prescribed medicines, it is highly recommended to give hip and joint supplements to your pet. You must choose the brand cautiously while buying these supplements. Reputed brands such as Alpha Dog Nutrition are a good choice. Your vet will guide you about the dosage you should administer. Besides, it is essential to arrange a soft bedding for your pet so that it can sleep comfortably. Its feeding bowl should also be placed in a way that it is able to reach food easily.

Not all the aforementioned symptoms are visible easily especially during the initial phase. It is thus necessary to keep a close watch to ensure your pet’s well being. Necessary action must be taken to heal the problem as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.



James Williams
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