Is it Necessary to Invest in Media Coverage to Improve your Google Rankings?

invest in media coverage to improve your Google rankings

The so-called search engine marketing seeks to increase the visibility of the websites, which is essential for the growth of your business — also known as SEM (see here), this method is aimed at developing strategies that allow brand maturity, by improving the visibility of the main portals.

Therefore, it is valid to say that it is possible to increase the visibility and accessibility of your website through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. But, if you already have a solid content strategy, is it necessary to invest in publicity (more info –

The Online Spectrum

The nature of the search engine marketing can be summarized in three fundamental aspects:

  • It is a methodology oriented to the design of strategies- a complementary dynamic.
  • It is implemented by creating paid advertising actions aimed at leading search engines.
  • Its ultimate purpose is to locate the website of your company, brand or service in the first positions in searches.

So far it does not sound like anything new, right? Well, the difference with other strategies that you may already be implementing is the fact that the search engine marketing is aimed at reaching those interests much faster, directly. This translates into short-term results.

Through the application of SEM strategies, businesses ensure that they reach their target audience unequivocally, increasing the traffic to the website, achieving better conversion numbers quickly; so that visitors can become customers and the overall sales increase. In a few words, plain advertising (yes, that from which the millennials flee).

However, we believe that media coverage and publicity doesn’t have to fall into the traditional field. After all, although there are obvious advantages in content marketing strategies to attract media coverage and not the paid advertisement, both strategies can be merged and therefore capture the public’s attention.

A Paid Service Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive

SEM strategies allow to control costs in a more precise way, complement SEO strategies adequately to achieve a better segmentation of the audience and, if necessary, reorient strategies to obtain better results.

An excellent SEM campaign will boost the positioning of the website above the competition, to transform searches into sales, increase the presence of the brand and establish the business as an authority in the sector.

In short, SEM campaigns allow you to control your company’s budget, promote the brand in a short period effectively, monitor and control results in real time, detect trends and users needs, to avoid investment in undesirable segments or harmful to the business; and define the ROI (see this link).

PR or SEM Agencies?

In this sense, to achieve success as an entrepreneur, salesman or brand representative, it is necessary to aim for a high degree of satisfaction of your customers, make your business more profitable. Taking advantage of the resources of an agency will allow your brand to be ready for each specific case that presents.

Additionally, agencies can identify new business opportunities, establish different perspectives, fresh ideas, encourage creativity and constant feedback to enhance business objectives. In fact, as reflected on Engadget, resorting to digital agencies is one of the most common strategies of large emporiums.

On the other hand, we know that hiring these services can be a confusing task. It is common to think that the company’s “business card” gives you a complete insight into its services. But the truth is that we have the experience and the personnel specialized in implementing these and many more strategies, so the PR label does cover terms like the SEM.

The Profitability of Your Business

Unlike traditional marketing, profitable marketing monitors and measures in real time the media coverage obtained by the application of marketing strategies, SEM or SEO. This is done through by generating traffic to the website, establishing the cost of each visit; then, that part of that traffic has been registered in the database of the website.

This article outlines the benefits of SEO and SEM –

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