Is Cashout Fridays a Scam or Legit Earning Platform?

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Today we have a new site on the chopping block, ready to be reviewed. This site goes by the name of Cashout Fridays. I have been hearing about Cashout Fridays for quite some time now and wanted to wait until I had enough time to give a detailed review of its functions, accessibility, legitimacy, and its looks as well. So let’s take a dive in and look at this website and see all of the recent chatter has been about lately.

What is Cashout Fridays?

First off, what exactly is Cashout Fridays? Aside from its very cool name we do not actually know much yet so let’s dig in and see. Cashout Fridays is a gaming network that is meant to help out people with online followings. This network pays you to complete online surveys and download apps, and to post online so you can reach out to your following and have them sign up. You can also download and play games to earn as well. So basically you download apps and play games and invite people like a referral program. Sounds pretty simple. I have actually experienced a fair share of websites just like this but most of the time these sites end up being as fraudulent as can be. I just hope we aren’t wasting time with this one.

How do you Earn?

As previously stated, Cashout Fridays has a variety of ways you can earn from them online. Starting from completing 5 minute surveys online. Similarly to GoogleAds except you get paid a lot more. On top of that, you download new games and apps and try them out for payment as well. Another method of earning on Cashout Fridays is referrals. We all know what referral programs are like, basically you invite people and make money from having them sign up and also you can earn a bonus commission from their own earnings as well. Last but not least way of earning from this website is by posting online. This is where the social aspect kicks in. You can post online about them on any platform you can think of and earn money from that. How easy is that? Instead of posting a picture of yourself that you get absolutely no money for you can post about them and get paid to do it.

Who can earn Cashout Fridays?

I know usually with websites like these, there are rules and regulations and limitations on these types of things. Some websites have rules where you must live in a certain area to participate or be a certain age but that is not the case with these guys. They do not have any restrictions or limitations on the users. All they ask is for legitimate information and legitimate earning ( No cheating ) . So whether you are 15 years old or 99 years of age, as long as you have access to the internet you are able to earn money on Cashout Fridays.

Do you actually earn on Cashout Fridays?

This is the most important question. With all of these methods that they provide for you to earn money do you actually end up earning money in the end. Well, I signed up and completed all my tasks and referrals and whatnot and cashed out. Did I actually receive the money ? Yes I did, in full. I was paid by PayPal from this company. Before getting paid, I was extremely nervous and scared of what ifs like what if the amount was way too much ? What if this is actually a big scam? What if instead of paying me they take my money ? But all of those what ifs went away as soon as I received a PayPal notification telling me I received a payment. Yes you actually do earn with Cashout Fridays.

Payment methods

Now that you know that they actually pay, let me tell you how they pay. Cashout Fridays has a number of payment methods you can choose from. You simply choose the one that you are most comfortable with on the list. They offer PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, Bitcoin, Mailed checks, and they even Zelle you. As you all know, I chose paypal but you can choose what you are most comfortable with. All payments arrive in a reasonable time; you just have to remain patient.

User Experience

There are alot of things that I love about this website. They make the user experience really user. Their dashboard is organized in a way that would make it impossible to not understand what you are doing and even then they provide you help videos to navigate everything on the website. And after all that, if you are still having trouble you are provided customer support to help you solve any issue that you have. I have never experienced a website that was very firm on customer satisfaction. You can tell that everything is about providing the best experience for the member.

Another cool part of their website that I enjoy is the rewards program. So on top of earnings you can get gifted rewards like Prizes and Gift Cards. They provide incentives for earning money, what a sweet deal.

Cashout Fridays is LEGIT

My overall review of this website is that they are exactly who they claim to be. They are an influencer network who pays their members in exchange for easy online work such as completing surveys, downloading new apps, sharing a referral link, and posting online. After reading this blog, I suggest you head on over and SIGN UP TODAY. I will be posting updates about this particular website and others in order to keep you guys in the loop. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please leave a comment down below and I will get back to you. Thank you for reading the blog, have a nice day.

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