Interesting & Funny Facts About Pests That You Probably Did Not Know

Pests are undoubtedly dirty, disease-spreading, and annoying creatures that can disrupt the quality of your life. It is never a pleasant experience when insects invade your home. You find them crawling near your feet, and it is worse when you find them in your kitchen or your food.  For any pest-related work, contact the company now.

While we agree pests are notorious creatures, one cannot deny that they are quite interesting creatures. There are certain unknown and lesser-known facts about them that you may find amusing. Let us get to know them. 

Interesting and funny facts about pests 

  1. Rats are affectionate animals. 

Rats are present in every part of the world. They are probably one of the most hated pests that invade human houses. They are considered dangerous and life-threatening due to the various bacteria and diseases they carry in their bodies. However, what people do not know is that rats can be very affectionate and playful animals. They like being in the company of humans and other animals. 

  1. Bedbugs are similar to vampires. 

We do not intend to say that vampires are real. Bedbugs are known to be similar to fictional vampires we see on TV because of the fact that they live off human and animal blood. They can live for months on end without food; therefore, starving them is not really the best method for killing them, just like vampires. 

  1. Termites may be less dirty than you think. 

Although a termite infestation in your house can be disastrous due to their ability to ruin every piece of wooden furniture, they are quire helpful for the environment. Termites are an important part of the decomposition of hard plant fibers. Another interesting fact is that a significant part of a termite’s life is spent cleaning the body of other termites in their colony. These pests are very concerned about bacteria and fungal infections and thus, spend a good amount of time grooming each other. 

  1. Cockroaches. 

There are various interesting facts about cockroaches. 

  • For starters, cockroaches can survive weeks without their head (source here). 
  • They can stop breathing for about 40 minutes without dying, according to
  • They can survive underwater for 30 minutes, even though they are territorial insects.
  • They can run three miles in one hour. 
  1. Houseflies use their feet to taste. 

Imagine standing on the road with your legs and being able to feel what the ground tastes like? It sounds like strange fiction, but it is the reality in a housefly’s life. They have their taste receptors in their feet, and when they see something they want to feast on, they just simply on them. 

When you take the visit to the pest control agencies, you can feel confident that they can offer greater than the specialist stage control. It is extremely necessary because the experience of knowledgeable pest control operators makes sure that they are well prepared, as well as outfitted for taking care of severe situations. They also know the means of dealing with harmful chemicals. At the same time, they always use masks, as well as uniforms for combating the pests. So, it is recommended to call the controllers for the removal of undesirable insects. It is better than doing it yourself.

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