Improve the Air You Breathe with a Good Catalytic Converter

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No matter where you live, air pollution is a major concern. Breathing in certain toxins can lead to lung diseases and even cancer. If you work with diesel-powered hardware, the exhaust that your diesel engine gives off could contain many harmful components. The use of high-quality catalytic converters and key parts like Catalytic Exhaust Products LTD exhaust particulate filters can help reduce the health risk from using these items and also make sure that the air around you remains clean and breathable for others.

What is a Catalytic Converter?

Catalytic converters exist to help remove some of the harmful elements of engine exhaust. The devices do this by “scrubbing” the exhaust of harmful particulates using a diesel particulate filter. The exhaust is them oxidized, converting harmful vapors into safe molecules. For the latter purpose, you should choose a three way catalytic converter, which meets the best emission standards out there today. A 3 way catalytic converter can transform carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and converts hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water. This renders the immediate area safer to breathe and also means that fewer pollutants enter the surrounding atmosphere.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

Perhaps the most important component in a three way catalytic converter is the diesel particulate filter. This filter catches extremely small pollutants found in the exhaust, known as particulates. By making sure that the particulates do not enter the air, exhaust particulate filters prevent people from breathing in potentially dangerous elements. Any catalytic converter that meets the modern exhaust standards set out by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) must have a highly functional diesel particulate filter. If you notice the efficiency in your engine dropping, you might want to check the catalytic converter and see if this filter needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Other Safety Precautions

Aside from proper equipment and good maintenance on your catalytic converter, you can avoid damage to your lungs while operating a diesel engine by taking a few basic precautions. For starters, make sure that you use any engine that gives off exhaust in an area with proper ventilation. Ideally, you should be using your diesel engine machines in the open. If that is not possible, make sure that you have proper ventilation in the enclosed space in which you are operating. If you are still concerned about breathing in the exhaust fumes, consider using a protective mask or breathing unit that can filter out additional particulates. Even exhaust that has been scrubbed by a diesel particulate filter has some danger to it, so be sure to protect your lungs at all times.

Your health is important, and there are very few parts of your body more important to your overall health than your lungs. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you use high-quality, CARB compliant catalytic converters with excellent diesel particulate filters. Doing so means that you can do the work you love while keeping both yourself and the environment healthy and protected.



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