Importance of Customer Feedback Surveys in Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Brand Recognition

Importance of Customer Feedback Surveys in Measuring Customer Satisfaction and Brand Recognition

Long gone are the days when only the product itself was just the major factor for enhanced sales and brand recognition. Enter 21st century where customer loyalty means a lot but can only be achieved by providing best of the best customer experience. All the brands including out there specifically the food chains such as Taco Bell need to provide customers with the ability to provide their feedback via customer satisfaction or customer feedback surveys such as Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey ( or Taco Bell Customer Feedback.

Value your Customers for Customer Feedback

Investing in your product is not only what’s required these days but has to be a combo of great product itself improved by gathering valuable customer feedback through customer satisfaction and customer feedback surveys. Brands need to value customers by providing them with the ability to voice their concerns if any or appreciate for good customer experience. One can only get to know how customers perceive a brand is through customer feedback surveys and believe me or not customers love those Q&A sessions. Those small mini quizzes are a great way for open dialogue where brands determine customer perception, customer loyalty and satisfaction and customers in turn get to know how much a brand values them and their feedback. Taco Bell, a food chain simply does all the above in all of its branches across the globe including Taco Bell UK, Taco Bell Australia, Taco Bell Canada and the list goes on.

Customer Value by Awarding Customer via Sweepstakes Great Rewards

Only getting to know about customer loyalty and customer perception via gathering all this info from customer satisfaction and customer feedback surveys isn’t enough. Customers now-a-days have gazillion of options out there and if you aren’t able to provide best customer experience and also awarding customers back for their valuable feedback, you may be missing a lot and customers as well in the long run. Brands need to work like Taco Bell where Taco Bell ( provides a chance to win $500 cash via its Tellthebell customer feedback survey and a chance to enter the Taco bell sweepstakes entry 2019 where you can get your name into the list of Taco Bell 2019 winners by submitting the Tellthebell customer feedback survey. Taco Bell values its customers and wants that it be a barter trade where customers spend time and provide valuable feedback and in turn get a chance to enter into the Taco Bell sweepstakes Entry 2019 or win the Taco Bell $500 cash reward.

Continuous Product Improvement for Enhanced Customer Experience

Last but not the least product improvement is a continuous process where brands like Taco Bell need to keep on getting customer feedback to stay in the competition and keep the customer engaged. Doing so brands like Taco Bell provide the best customer experience every time a returning customer comes to visit the brand and leaves his valuable feedback and in turn gets something of value from the brand such as an entry to the Taco bell sweepstakes or wining $500 cash.

Keeping returning customers is much easier than getting new customers and great customer experience does all that.

Customer feedback surveys and Customer Satisfaction surveys are a win win situation for both the customers as well as the brand as they get valuable feedback to further improve their product or service and the customer gets rewards and better customer experience, according to



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