Impact Of Google AdWords On Organic Search Results – All You Need To Know

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For the growth of any business, it is very important to get advertise and promote your company on different sites, which is a key aspect for the development of the company. For this purpose, Google AdWords is the best feature that lets the companies create an online advertisement and reach the potential customers that work on PPC. 

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How Google AdWords affect organic results?

It doesn’t have any direct impacts on the organic results so let’s discuss some of its impact on the SEO results: 

  • Searchers who see an ad may be more likely to click on an organic listing. People who see ads get more likely to click on an organic listing.
  • Searchers who are earlier looking for particular sites or brands through the paid search may be in future get engaged to the organic content.
  • Paid results highly affect the organic click-through rates (CTR), especially in certain queries and doubts. 
  • By bidding on paid search results, you can get the perfect idea about content creation, monetization, and their values.
  • These may lead to increased links, mentions, coverage, sharing and, all of which can boost the organic ranking in search engines.

Different Google ads feature:

Google ads provide people with various useful features which help a company or brand to increase its reach and get promoted. Here are some of those features which also put great impacts on the organic searches:

  • Responsive search ads

With this feature, agencies can help clients who have been performing badly in their previous time. This feature allows people to make up to 15 different headlines and up to four descriptions.

  • Lead ads on YouTube

Google AdWords leads the ads on YouTube, which increases the reach of the ad to a greater extent as compared to others as the number of people using YouTube is massive. Also, it features the ads on different social media campaigns, which help to increase the potential users.

  • Smart campaigns and agencies for small businesses

Various smart campaigns have been designed to make it easier to get the smaller businesses to advertise themselves on the Google platform. It also adds a positive impact on the scalability of small companies or businesses.

  • Smart shopping for e-commerce

Smart shopping has great advantages as it allows the advertisers to come in contact with the new stores and get new potential customers. Recently it is observed that smart shopping has been performing with its beta subjects which lead to the 20% increase in conversion values at the same amount of money. 


This is how Google AdWords has been affecting the organic rankings and results in the search engines and cause benefits to the businesses who are looking for advertisements.

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