imp™: The Smart Home Avatar For Your Landline Phone

Staying connected is more important than ever in this fast-paced world. But with the increasing number of unsolicited phone calls and spam messages, managing our personal or professional communication channels can be overwhelming. Especially so in the case of our humble landline connections.

Unlike mobile phones, landlines are shared by multiple people, such as family members and roommates. This means people often receive calls not intended for them. This can be especially frustrating if you’re in the middle of an important task, such as work, cooking, or studying, and are interrupted by an unsolicited call.

Landlines are also targeted by telemarketers and scammers calling at all hours of the day. They use automated dialing systems and fake number generators to make hundreds of calls in a short period.

This is where It’s My Phone (imp) comes in—a smart home solution offering holistic landline call screening and landline call blocker service.

The Imp Difference: 100% Call Blocking

Even the best call-blocking solutions can only keep away a small percentage of unwanted calls, typically around 5%.

Why is their efficacy so low?

Put simply, scammers have near-infinite resources to change their phone numbers and spoof caller identities. Traditional call-blocking software can barely keep up.

Caller ID is designed to display the caller’s phone number and name, but it’s not a foolproof system. It relies on the phone network to transmit accurate information, which scammers can easily manipulate with spoofing technology.

“Even if the bad guys limited themselves to ‘valid’ fake phone numbers, which they don’t, they would have over 3,000,000,000 numbers to use,” says Andy Dale, Head of Engineering at imp.

So how does imp deliver 100% call blocking when practically the best any call blocking software can do is 5%?

In a revolutionary approach to solving this age-old problem, imp approaches it differently: the “good folks” are allowed to connect, and the system silently handles all the rest.

The Brilliance of the imp Call Screening Solution

imp’s solution filters incoming calls into three categories: Greenlist, Greylist, and Redlist in real-time.

The Greenlist

This is a list of individuals or phone numbers that you want to hear from. If someone on your Greenlist calls, your home phone will ring normally—the system is optimized around these important calls.

Only around 15% of all calls are wanted, and the service ensures these all get through to the intended recipients.

By default, all contacts in your phone are included in the Greenlist, so you don’t have to add family members and friends manually. Furthermore, all updates or additions to the contacts lists of the landline users are automatically added to the Greenlist. imp also automatically Greenlists numbers dialed from the home phone.

You can easily add non-contacts to the Greenlist, such as food delivery personnel, local utilities, or other numbers that may contact you sometime in the future.

The Greylist and The Redlist

If someone calls who is not on your Greenlist, the call screening service will either hang up on them (Redlist) or take a message (Greylist).

Around 75% of calls fall under the Greylist category. All information about incoming calls from the Greylist is transmitted to your smart phone in real-time, so you can review the message and determine if the caller is someone you want to add to your Greenlist.

You can easily add contacts to the Greylist, so all of their calls go directly to voicemail. This is the best option for people you may not want to talk to but don’t want to block, such as chatty relatives or persistent service providers.

With the Greylist, you can streamline the calls coming into your landline without worrying about missing out on important information you may need later.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication: Imp’s Call-Screening Solution Enablement

imp utilizes a three-pronged solution to provide a user-friendly landline call-blocking solution.

The three elements are as follows:

The imp box

This small hardware box is plugged into a phone line. It works in the millisecond range as it decodes the CID, performs a matching algorithm, and determines how to handle the call.

The imp box is responsible for intercepting all incoming calls and screening them before they are forwarded to the user. It leverages advanced call screening technology to identify and block unwanted numbers, such as telemarketing, robocalls, spam, and other malicious third parties.

The imp box is built to last, with a water-resistant design and compatibility with all major phone brands and providers. Plus, it works with traditional landline phones, making it a versatile and reliable solution for all your phone screening needs.

The imp app

Users can install the imp app on their smartphone for all the needed functionality. It’s easy to customize all call screening settings, create a Greenlist of approved numbers, or populate the Greylist and Redlist.

The mobile app also sends real-time notifications and alerts for important calls and messages.

The imp network servers

The imp servers keep the imp box and app in sync, ensuring that users have the most up-to-date call screening settings. The servers also provide much-needed security and protection against spam and fraud.

In a nutshell, imp provides a creative and highly effective solution for managing unwanted or unsolicited calls while ensuring that all important contacts can still reach you.

The system is designed to be flexible and adaptive, allowing for changes and updates to the Greenlist as needed over time. The ability to assign callers to different lists from the imp app using simple finger swipes makes it a breeze to customize and manage your call screening settings.

imp prides itself on the five-minute plug-and-play setup—you can start using the service in no time, without any complicated installations or technical expertise required.

Unlock A More Peaceful Landline Experience With Imp

Tired of unwanted phone calls interrupting your day? Take control of your phone line with imp’s call screening service. Say goodbye to annoying spam and unsolicited calls, and say hello to a more peaceful landline experience.

Join imp today and start building your Greenlist!

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