I Think My Washing Machine Has A Faulty Drum Roller, What Do I Do?

washing machine in a laundrette

According to Prominence Support, one of the most common problems that can develop with a washing machine is a fault in the drum of the appliance. Drum faults come in many different disguises, with many requiring a simple repair while others need a replacement appliance.

One of the most common drum faults these days is when the drum rollers break or stop working properly.

What Exactly are Drum Rollers?

Drum rollers support the drum, normally at the front of the machine and usually come in pairs, according to HowStuffWorks. In essence they are metal wheels with a rubber or pressed nylon trim that help hold the drum in place while allowing it to spin freely.

What Problems Can Drum Rollers Develop?

Squeaking Noise When Spinning

If the drum rollers squeak when the machine is spinning but appear to be in fine condition, you may have a lack of lubrication on the wheels. This is an easy condition to remedy if you don’t mind a little dismantling of your appliance. Firstly, remove the front panel of the cabinet housing. The rollers are normally held by a sprung clip on a metal shaft. Locate them and apply a few drops of a specific washing machine lubricant or a generic 20-weight nondetergent motor oil. Don’t apply any other oil or lubricant product to the inside of your appliance. Give the oil a few hours to penetrate and then run the machine again. If the squeak has gone, the problem is solved.

Thumping Noise When Spinning

Whereas a squeaking noise may be the result of a lack of lubricant, a thumping noise could be something altogether different. If the thumping noise is caused by the drum rollers, then it may be that the roller wheels have become deformed, worn, or loose. Again, this is relatively easy to diagnose if you don’t mind taking the front panel off your machine. Fixing the problem could be more tricky. Loose rollers can be tightened with a screwdriver, but worn or deformed ones will need replacing altogether and may require a repair man to be called out.

And finally… Before you ring a repair man about your faulty drum rollers

If you do find yourself with faulty drum rollers in your washing machine, then you may immediately begin rummaging around for your local repairman’s number. Don’t. Repairs can be expensive and call out fees (even if the machine can’t be fixed) can cost an arm and a leg – check properly before going with a tradesman.

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