How Your Average Day Gives You Plenty of Opportunities to Kill Germs on Clothes

germs on clothes

You know to wash your hands throughout the day to help kill off germs, but what about the germs on your clothes? Your clothing can come in contact with some of the same bacteria, viruses and fungi as your hands, perhaps even more so if you sit on germy seats or lean across germy counters or tables.

Those germs that hop on your shirt, skirt or pants for a ride can end up being transferred to your family members, coworkers, neighbors and friends. Check out the germiest places your clothing may visit throughout the day, along with a surefire way to keep your clothing germ-free.

Places You Can Pick Up Loads of Germs on Clothes 

The more people you’re around and the longer you’re around them, the more likely your clothes are to pick up germs. That means big city dwellers are among those with the highest risk of picking up germs from other people, along with anyone taking an airplane ride.

Public Transportation 

Taking the bus or subway to work may be good for the environment, but it’s also good for the spread of germs. The same holds true for airplanes, where dozens of people are crammed together in tight quarters for an extended period of time. Seats, handrails and even the surrounding air can be filled with bacteria and viruses waiting to land.

Public Bathrooms 

It’s not just the toilet you have to worry about when it comes to germs in public bathrooms. It’s pretty much any surface in the entire room. Bathrooms are known to harbor intestinal bacteria, otherwise known as the dreaded E. coli ( Public restroom sinks are hot spots for germs, as are the doorknobs. Germs can also get transferred to your clothes from your purse or briefcase if you set it on the bathroom counter or the floor.

The Gym 

Sweaty weight benches, treadmill handrails and all other surfaces and equipment at the gym can be major germ havens. Your gym clothes are not only prone to picking up loads of organisms during your workout, but the warm and moist environment of post-workout clothing makes the perfect environment for those organisms to multiply and thrive.

Your Workplace 

The biggest germ magnets in the workplace are the phones, computer keyboards (according to this article), desks and other surfaces that see a lot of activity from a variety of people. The germiest surfaces tend to be those regularly used by bankers, accountants and teachers, according to study launched by the Clorox Company.

How to Address Germs on Clothing

Regularly washing your clothing helps to eliminate a lot of germs you pick up throughout the day, but you can’t very well walk around with a washing machine in tow. That’s where GarmaGuard™ comes in.

GarmaGuard™ is an all-organic, non-GMO antimicrobial spray designed to give your garments a germ-free boost throughout your day wherever you may be. Ready to give your clothes a quick antimicrobial spray when they need it most? Shop GarmaGuard today.



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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