How You Can Protect Your iPhone & Keep it Looking New for Longer

How You Can Protect Your iPhone & Keep it Looking New for Longer

After spending a significant amount of money on buying a new iPhone, it is a great idea to take steps to ensure your iPhone looks new for longer (ideas on this page). Our phones are one of the most used possessions we have. For example, we can chat with friends and browse social media, whilst using different mobile apps for hours at a time.

Using smartphones such as the iPhone has helped many people in different ways. These smartphones have apps that can make our lives better and more productive. However, our growing reliance on smartphones has also made these devices vulnerable. For example, it is easy to drop your phone whilst using the device. This can lead to a crack on the screen or other damage.

Repairing cracked screens or fixing other parts of an iPhone will cost you a lot of money, so it is best to consider measures you can take to protect your phone. You won’t also feel the need to change your iPhone if it looks like you just bought the device, even when you have had the iPhone for many years.

Here are some of my best tips to protect your iPhone. With these tips, you can avoid spending a lot of money on iPhone repairs or expensive handset replacements.

Use a Solid Phone Case

There are different types of phone cases for iPhones in the market. You will see different designs, and it is easy to get carried away. When you go shopping for an iPhone case, it is best that you choose one that has both aesthetical appeal, but is most importantly durable. Tough cases can protect your phone from unexpected drops or bumps whilst you use the device.

Always Use a Screen Protector

Screen protectors are life savers. These screen protectors are made from a tough tempered glass material that can withstand bumps or drops from a reasonable height. If you drop your iPhone by mistake, the screen protector gets damaged instead of your iPhone screen. Here’s the thing, the cost of changing your screen protector is so much lower than replacing your original iPhone screen. I would recommend this website for sourcing screen protectors.

Don’t Keep Hard Objects With Your iPhone

I always put my iPhone in a pocket that is empty, or if there is something in my pocket as well as my phone, I make sure that the objects that are there are not sharp. I follow this rule when keeping my iPhone in a bag too. If you keep your iPhone in a pocket that holds objects such as keys while moving around, the casing of your iPhone can become scratched, which will ruin the look of the iPhone. Oh, and make sure you never keep your iPhone in your back pocket!

Waterproof Casings for iPhones

Another great idea to protect your iPhone is by using waterproof casing ( With these cases, you can use your iPhone in the rain, in the shower or when you go swimming, without any risk of damage.

Thankfully, iPhones are made from tough durable materials, and they can last for many years if you use them properly.

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