How To Use Video Marketing To Grow Your Brand Or Business

why you should use video marketing

When you are trying to build a brand or grow a successful business, you need to have a lot of arrows in your quiver. If video marketing is not one of your tools, then you are leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table.

Not only is it an important piece of your marketing strategy, when it is done right it will certainly become the most central. Your entire marketing strategy will depend on your efforts with video. That’s how important it is these days.

In this article, we will go over several of the ways that video will help you get to the next level for your business. We’re only going to stick to the marketing aspect and leave the videography to somebody else like Ichor who can also develop your overall marketing strategy.

Demonstration Videos

Showing people what your product or service does is much easier than just telling them. People like to see to believe so a good demonstration video can work wonders.

Just look at how popular unboxing videos are on Youtube. It’s because they can see it from when the package is open. This helps them understand exactly how it will look when they get it themselves so they know what to expect.

The key is to fit your demonstration to your audience as different types of people will respond to different ideas. Know your audience and you can know the right approach.

Brand Videos

It’s important to get your branding in front of people to create awareness. Even before they know what your business does, they may react when they recognize it.

Craft a message around your brand with consistent colors, logos and style and intrigue your target audience.

Make sure to test different approaches as you seek to understand what people will best respond to with your message. The key is to make sure that people don’t just understand what the brand is about, they also need to understand how the brand can help them.

Expert Interviews

Building trust is essential to any marketing strategy. You want your audience to know that you are the resource for them when they need to have a specific problem solved.

People trust experts so if you have a series of interviews with respected people in the field then that goes a long way towards building trust with your audience.

It is also great to have people that follow those experts also get exposed to your brand. Pick experts to interview based not just on their knowledge, but also on the possibility of your audiences intersecting so you can create a mutually beneficial scenario.

Instructional Videos

When people can see exactly how a product works, they can visualize it helping them with their problem as well. Make some videos of your product in action to help people make an informed decision about it.

These videos are great for the middle of the funnel phase of a buyer’s journey.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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