How to Use Pluto Trigger to Create Amazing Photography

pluto trigger photography

The shutter speed of a camera can control exposure. However, many expert photographers say that it is a powerful and creative tool, which offers many benefits. It can convey freeze action, motion, smooth water, isolate objects, etc. In general, a camera trigger is controlled through a free Android or iPhone app via Bluetooth. The best example of a camera trigger is “Pluto Camera Trigger.”

Read this article carefully in order to know how you can use the Pluto Trigger to create amazing photography!

What’s Pluto Trigger?

Pluto Trigger is a practical gadget used by both commercial and DIY photographers to carry out their specialized photography projects. You can control the Pluto Trigger to shoot a remote, time-lapse, video recording, high dynamic range photography, lighting photography, etc. This gadget can easily be activated by sound, light, or anything, which breaks the laser beam that is aimed in the “Camera Trigger” direction.

A camera trigger – for instance, Pluto Trigger – can be activated automatically and take photos when it comes in contact directly with the body heat of an animal – or let’s say when it comes in direct contact with a person smiling or some other gesture. It is important that you choose a small gadget that is both handy and reliable. The best one is the Pluto Trigger due to its features and functions.

How to Use Pluto Trigger to Create Fantastic Photography?

Primarily, it is important that you understand the general features of the Pluto Trigger so that you can accomplish your photography goals with any complexities. The primary features of these products are “Custom DIY Input,” “Time Lapse,” “Heat Sensor,” “Bulb Mode Control,” “Timer,” and “Lighting Triggered.”

You can also use the official app that comes with the Pluto Trigger. Using the smartphone application, you can trigger the device with vibrations as well as set up certain location triggers, which means that your camera will shoot photos when you or any other person is at a certain distance from the trigger. This distance is actually pre-determined by you.

Other important features of this product consist of calculators for measuring the night-day filter, depth of the field, and a rule 500 – all of which will allow you to take photographs of the sky and without the trails of the stars. This way, you can create some amazing photography with it.

You will be surprised to know that the Pluto Trigger is highly compatible with more than 300 camera devices and models from a wide range of manufacturing companies. In the future, the company will add more devices. Moreover, you will a dedicated cable to connect it to the camera device – therefore, you need to ensure that the package has cable included.

Pluto Trigger - High Speed Photography


The Pluto Trigger is small in size, which can fit inside your pocket. It is easy-to-use, intuitive, and can be used to create awesome photography even by amateurs. For example, lighting falling into the river in a peculiar angle, a double rainbow, a full swing lightning storm, as well as a squirrel that makes a difficult jump – you can capture all these moments and many others using the best camera trigger – known as the Pluto Trigger.

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