How to Use Pearl Pigment in Printing

How to Use Pearl Pigment in Printing

Pearlescent pigment powder has a wide array of applications, ranging from food-friendly pigments to using pearl pigments in printing. Pearl pigment powder is used in print services in order to boost the appearance of a particular product, as such pearl pigment can offer natural pearl shine and the effect of goniochromism (also known as iridescence). Thus, if you are considering adding pearl pigment powder in your printing services, read on to discover all you need to know about how to use pearl pigments in printing.

How Pearlescent Pigment is Used in Printing

So, everyday use of pearl pigment is for printing services. It is perceived as a versatile compound that can be easily blended in with other absorption pigments. Besides, pearlescent pigment powder can be used as a distinctive color, which will offer a unique finish to any material, according to

In the case of mixing pearl pigment powder with other pigments, you should be careful about its concentration. This is the main factor that will determine the effect on the printing, and it will most likely have to be in the range of 0.5 and 20% of concentration.

If the goal is to establish a more pronounced visual effect, pearl pigment powder can be sprayed in the transparent ink or any other color base. In this case, the concentration for pearl pigment is dependent on the viscosity required for specific printing techniques, along with the intensity of the final result. Still, no matter how you use pearlescent pigment powder in printing, it is more than necessary to add the pearl pigment to the ink without aggressive mixing. If you use an aggressive approach, you risk modifying the pigment’s structure, which ultimately won’t offer you the desired results.

Of course, pearlescent pigment powder can be applied to previously printed products. The purpose is to highlight the existing colors starting from the base color pallet. Because pearl pigment particles are almost transparent, they attract the light of the complementary color on the printed surface. Bottom line, to properly mix pearl pigment and ink, it is necessary to use the most qualitative pearlescent pigment powder, along with suitable ink solvent for pre-wetting, like diluents. By combining those two compounds, you will be able to better the dispersion of pearl pigment.

How Can Printed Materials Benefit From Applying Pearlescent Pigments?

Pearl pigment powder is excellent for usage on a wide array of materials, including paper, cardboard, plastic, textile, glass, metal, and many more. Therefore, opting for adding pearl pigment in your printing services is excellent for offering a finishing touch to numerous products, especially when it comes to packaging or commercial printing.

The main advantage of using pearlescent pigment powder for packaging purposes is that it offers a final touch, which is difficult to replicate. Therefore, such pearl pigments represent a top security measure in printed products. Of course, the visual appeal provided by pearl pigment powder in printing is another reason why businesses opt for using it.

Where to Find the Most Qualitative Pearlescent Pigment Powder for Printing?

So, to achieve the best printing results with pearl pigment powder, you will have to choose the services offered by a responsible pearl pigment manufacturer.

Our recommendation is to use Yortay for purchasing the best pearl pigment powder on the market. This distributor has a wide array of pearlescent pigments specially created for printing purposes. You can use their pigments for offset printing, screen printing, surface printing, and many other printing techniques. Also, the pearl pigment powder at Yortay is suitable for packaging, name cards, decoration, greeting cards, and several other products that need fine printing. Anyhow, you can find with this manufacturer distinct types of pearl pigments that can offer the extra touch of style to any product applied to.



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