How to Use Contemporary Art to Dress Your Office

Many of us spend more hours than we care to imagine at the office. If this sounds like you, being in a space that puts you at ease and helps you stay productive is important. As a business owner, your office needs to reflect who you are and visually represent what makes you unique. Hanging contemporary art up can be a great way to tell a story, inject some colour into the walls, as well as lift employees’ spirits.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here is a guide on how to use contemporary art and transform your office from a dull looking space into something memorising. 

Choose the Right Colours

The colours you pick for your contemporary artwork will influence employees’ moods differently. When COVID-19 restrictions lift and employees are allowed back in the office, they don’t want to return to a dull, grey cubicle. Instead, bringing in plenty of contemporary art and using bold and bright colours can bring positive vibes into your workspace, improve productivity, and focus and get people talking for all the right reasons. While fun and bright colours will get the message across, try not to go overboard as this can become an eyesore and do more harm than good.

Purchase a Statement Piece

While you may love contemporary art, others may not be such a fan. However, when partnered with the right furniture, a large canvas can naturally light up your office space and be visually appealing for all. The possibilities are endless when it comes to purchasing a statement piece, so it may be worth checking out for inspiration if someone like Banksy appeals. 

Fill Your Space with Inspirational Objects

When you think of contemporary art, paintings may be the first thing that spring to mind. However, there are sculptures and inspirational objects that you can purchase and display in your office. Simply let your creativity get the better of you and pair your art with all kinds of features like classic lamps, unusual shelving, maps, and even a statement plant. Before you know it, you will create a quirky and edgy office space that represents you. Whatever you do, make sure you know how much space you have to work with, as the last thing you want is to clutter your office.

Switch Things Up

Once you’ve bought contemporary artwork and hung it on the walls, that’s not to say you’ve finished. Over time, you may get bored or too accustomed to your artwork, so switching things up and adding new pieces may be what it takes to keep things fresh and exciting. Be careful not to hang too much contemporary art up as it can become overwhelming and hinder your productivity levels. It may be worth using a feature wall that can be used for your contemporary art, instead of using your whole office space.

If used in the right way, contemporary artwork can provide aesthetic value to your office and allow you to visually express who you are as a business. Contemporary art can add a modern touch to your office space and keep you and employees motivated and productive within the workplace.

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