How to Unlock Your Samsung Smart Device

How to Unlock Your Samsung Smart Device

Buying a Samsung phone that’s locked to a carrier network is not a good idea unless you plan to use that network. You will have to unlock the Samsung device if you plan to insert the SIM card of another carrier network.

Having the freedom to choose your carrier network is always the best option, says TomsGuide. In this article, we have written down some simple steps that you should follow to help you unlock a Samsung smartphone or other Samsung mobile device without stress.

The steps are easy and can be done by anyone. You don’t need any special coding knowledge to unlock Samsung phones by codes (see this link). Simply follow the steps I have described below, and you will unlock your phone in no time. If you are looking for a website to help you unlock your Samsung, we would recommend using SafeUnlockCode.

Retrieve the IMEI Number

The IMEI number of your locked Samsung device is a unique number used to identify the device on Samsung’s database.

Here’s how to get the IMEI number of your Samsung smartphone…

You can quickly get this number from your locked Samsung phone by dialing this code *#06# tap send. The IMEI number of your Samsung device will appear on the screen, according to

If you have a Samsung tablet, you need to follow a different procedure to get the device’s IMEI number. This is what you should do…

  • Open the SETTINGS on the tablet
  • Under APPLICATION, scroll down to the tag ABOUT DEVICE, and tap on it
  • You will see the tag STATUS, tap on STATUS to reveal the tablet’s information which includes its IMEI number.
  • Please note that older Samsung tablets may have a serial number instead of an IMEI. If this is the case, the serial number will work as your IMEI number.
  • Write it down and proceed to the next step.

With your IMEI, you can then decide to use any of the following methods to unlock your Samsung device.

Send a Request to the Carrier Network

You can formally request for your Samsung device to be unlocked and taken off the system. However, this request will only be granted if you have cleared all the debts on your Samsung device. The consultants at the carrier network you interact with will need your IMEI to unlock the Samsung device, so have it ready.

If you have bought the Samsung product from a third party, there’s no need to contact the carrier network.

Use a Third Party App

There are special apps designed to unlock Samsung devices that have been locked to one carrier network, according to You can subscribe to the service or buy the app. You will need a computer to run the software.

The software usually displays guidelines for use by the individual. You will need to enter the IMEI number of your Samsung device, the model, your email address, and other information specified on the app.  After a few days, the unlock code for your Samsung device will be sent by email, with instructions on how to use this code. However, if you have any issues, it is best to ask for help.

There are repair shops for smartphones and other mobile devices that can help you unlock your Samsung device.



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