How To Unblock YouTube Videos On Restricted Networks?

The YouTube platform was launched in 2005 with few limited features. Today it offers endless ways to entertain millions of people online. Studies conducted in 2017 reveal that if one had to watch all the content available on the YouTube platform, it might take him almost 100,000 years.

YouTube is available with free access; however, some organizations prefer to ban the unrestricted use of YouTube. You may wonder: why? Well, for some people, YouTube can be a great source of knowledge and skill development. For others, it’s just pure entertainment and a waste of time.

Therefore, network admins at many workplaces or educational institutions simply block access to Youtube. More than that, Youtube restrictions can be imposed by the entire state or country. So, if you are interested in watching videos on YouTube, you may need to unblock this platform at your location, whether it’s your school, work, campus, or even country.

Methods to Unblock YouTube Videos

The great news is that various technological innovations brought us various methods that can help you unblock YouTube.

Some of these methods are also beginner-friendly.

Method 1: Use a VPN Service

Here we are going to talk about the simplest trick to unblock Youtube: a VPN connection. Note that a Virtual Private Network creates an encrypted tunnel between your device and the Internet, securing all the data that passes through that tunnel. It also changes your IP so that no one could identify that you access the restricted content. This way, ISPs, network admins, local authorities, and other third parties cannot track your online activities, and you can enjoy watching your favorite Youtube videos whenever you’re.

Although unblocking Youtube with a VPN sometimes may be a little complicated, you will find it easier to do by the following expert guidelines.

Method 2: Use a Proxy

Another way you can get access to Youtube is by using a proxy. A proxy changes your virtual location and therefore allows you to bypass some geo-restrictions. However, you should note that proxies do not encrypt your Internet data. What it means is that your ISP or network administrator can easily check the websites you visit. So use proxies carefully.

Here’s how you can access Youtube with a proxy:

  • Visit the proxy website and type in the YouTube URL.
  • Choose the country to surf Youtube from.  Also, make sure the government of this country doesn’t block Youtube.
  • Hit enter and enjoy watching YouTube.

Method 3: Use Browser Add-Ons

Some networks also allow the use of add-ons to gain access to YouTube content. You can visit your web browser’s virtual store and pick a VPN extension that suits you best. For instance, if you are using Mozilla, some of the most common VPN add-ons are NordVPN (official site), TouchVPN, and HoxxVPN. For Chrome users, the good options could be DotVPN, Betternet VPN, and Hola VPN.

Key Takeaway:

To those who are interested to know how to unblock Youtube, the information above may have provided some useful insights. If you want to unblock YouTube content on your network, it is important to find some reliable and trustworthy services. To do so, you should read online reviews or ask your friends or colleagues about the services they use.

If you opt for a VPN provider, you should always check that this provider offers you a strict no-log policy. Otherwise, you may get into some trouble if your local authorities find out that you didn’t adhere to the federal rules. So choose your service wisely, and don’t forget about your privacy.

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