How to Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans

Part 1. 

As per the latest disclosure by Google, WhatsApp has started turning out end-to-end encrypted chat backup for iOS and Android users globally. This means that it is possible to migrate whatsapp chat history from iPhone to Android available for pixel phones and all other Android devices that run Android 12. If your device does not have android 12 versions, you cannot transfer WhatsApp chats. This feature was only available for the Samsung phone, but users are not comfortable, or it becomes very hazy to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to android.

However, As we know that there is no such official method that WhatsApp introduces to transfer chats data from one operating system to another. This issue is generated because both operating systems use different platforms to backup whats app data. Such as, android uses google drive, whereas iPhone uses iCloud to backup WhatsApp data. This is the major problem that makes it impossible or hazy to transfer WhatsApp chat. Google delivered a statement that this tool was created with the WhatsApp team to remove this barrier while switching from iOS to Android. But no need to worry about that; AnyTrans makes this so simple.

AnyTrans is a transfer and backup tool. With the help of this tool, users can easily transfer WhatsApp chat backup along with the media without any issue. We know that there are a lot of third-party transfer applications available in the market. AnyTrans is the best and secure transfer and backup tool among all. With the help of the AnyTrans tool, users can professionally transfer WhatsApp chat data in just a few steps. For that, users need to follow all the essential step-by-step guides of AnyTrance transfer and the backup tool below. So, read it carefully. 

Let’s dive deeper.

As per our expert research, only one third-party tool can transfer your WhatsApp chats from android to iPhone professionally. That tool is named AnyTrans. This can easily be feasible without losing your valuable chats or any type of data. So, users can follow a step-by-step guide that will let them know to transfer WhatsApp chats easily and quickly.

After the transfer process has been completed, all your chats are migrated from your android device to your iPhone.

Part 2. 

What are the benefits of transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans?

There are a lot of benefits of using AnyTrans to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone. All are listed below.

1. It supports any variant of android to transfer whats app chats.

2. Data is entirely secure and safe.

3. All the backup files are to be transferred.

4. This is a feasible and professional way to transfer your WhatsApp chats.

5. It directly restores whatsApp chats from android devices to iOS devices and also creates a backup over the iOS device.

6. There will be no need to reset the iPhone or Android device during transferring whatsapp chats.

7. Users can not only transfer Whatsapp chats but also transfer all types of files, media, and documents. Those are attached in the chats.

8. Support all Android device models from all manufacturers.

9. Its user interface is so quick and straightforward.

10. Users are not required to erase existing content that is present in the iPhone at the time of transferring WhatsApp chats. 

Part 3.

As we know, AnyTrans is the complete solution package for all issues developed with the iOS operating system. It is not only used for transferring WhatsApp chats, but it is also helpful to resolve any issues related to iOS. Now let’s discuss how AnyTrans provides complete control over your data. Users can quickly transfer music the way you like without iTunes Restrictions, a full backup of your all print messages, as well as attachments, smoothly managing iOS apps in batches from the computer, keeping a separate versatile manager for all your personal information. Apart from that

Checkout apart from WhatsApp chat backup AnyTrans is used for customizing ringtones of your favorite songs, screen mirroring, creating a backup of your iTunes library, Upgrading to the latest version of your iOS device and to know more about AnyTrans product in detail user must click here. AnyTrans transfer and the backup tool is more beneficial to those users who are switching from android to iOS device.

So, AnyTrans is the all-in-one manager of your iPhone or iOS. With the help of AnyTrans, you can easily and quickly transfer, manage and back up iOS data as per your requirements. There is a reason behind the AnyTrans that it is your go-to iOS manager that is entire way transfer of the content after breaking the sync boundaries, completely manage 27 types of iOS content data may be few of them are hardly matter in your life, flexible backup and single click transfer of the data, no tech knowledge is required to perform any type of task with the help of AnyTrans, apart from that it covers all types iOS model.

The Bottom Line

We hope that after reading a step by step guide to transfer WhatsApp chat backup from android to iPhone users successfully do it but still there is any confusion left regarding transferring then you must look for a youtube video that will help you to guide complete WhatsApp chat transferring process with the help of AnyTrans from Android to iPhone. After watching this video, we assure you that you can successfully transfer WhatsApp chat from android to iPhone with the help of the AnyTrans backup and transfer tool.  

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