How to Track a Phone Without Them Knowing

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It is not surprising to know that people are always looking for a way to track their partner’s phone. The trauma caused by suspicion of one’s partner cheating cannot be sidelined due to the damage it causes to victims all over the globe. Constant thought of one’s partner cheating can lead to breakdown and hinder one’s daily activities. It is also not surprising to see people wanting to monitor their kids and employees. It is very important to do so in order to ensure the children’s safety and also make sure that one is working with the right person, since employees often come from various backgrounds, and may be grossly unpredictable. This article is procured to arm people who are in dire need of tracking tool and also people who want to track their kids or employees the tool to successfully unleash the fact regarding their tracking quest, in order to relieve them of the burden orchestrated by such thought. Kindly note that this article is for those with physical access. If you have no physical access to the device click here spy on a phone.

Section 1

Tracking the most important aspects of a phone for clues

This section is for those who have no clue on the areas of the device which should be tracked. For those who already know the platform to be tracked, kindly move to the next section.

Do you want to spy on your kids, partner, or employee without them knowing and you don’t know the areas of the phone to exploit by tracking? kindly read through the outline below.

Tracking with Instant messaging apps;

It is very important to focus on this aspect of the target’s phone as the essence of this medium of communication cannot be overemphasized since it is often used by not only individuals as well as companies for day to day activities. This mode of communication, encompasses several applications which has attracted billions of downloads globally and is not slowing down yet. It is very uncommon to find someone who uses internet and does not use any of these apps. The most popular instant messaging apps include; whatsapp, facebook messenger, line, viber, wechat, telegram, kik and e.t.c

Tracking of text messages/imessages

this is another area that must be carefully inspected. this was the traditional way of messaging before the popularity of the social media. Despite the popularity of social media, billions of people all over the world still make use of this medium for communication. It is important to read through your partner;s phone inorder to detect unfaithfulness. 


A gallery is a place on there phone where image and videos are saved. cheaters sometimes sends and receives visual messages which are usually saved in the gallery. In order to obtain visual evidence, the gallery must also be tracked.

Section 2

How to track phone with an hidden app

After reading the previous section regarding tracking, we assume that those who didn’t know where to track now have a clue, so this section would entail how to spy on one’s partner, kids and employees without the them knowing.

There are several apps out there that can help you to track your kids, employee and partner without them knowing. but we would only be focusing on the one that has been found to arouse maximum Efficacy.

The best tracking app without permission


Flexispy is the most powerful spying tool for all kind of devices namely;(ios, android, mac and tablets). When you install flexispy on a device, its takes control of that device, letting you know everything that happens on the device, regardless of your location, or the location of the device. To make use of this software, you would have to install the software on the target’s device, i.e you would be needing access to the device atleast once. In cases where access is impossible, click spy without access.

Feature of flexispy tracking software includes;

  • Tracking of all installed apps on your spouse phone
  • Tracking or recording of all incoming and outgoing calls
  • Tracking of social media and all instant messaging apps
  • Tracking of device location
  •  Tracking  your kids or partner’s media
  • Ambient listening to your partner’s environment.
  • monitoring of digital communication
  • Access to browsing history.

kindly note that flexispy is for legal use only and not for illegal hacking, spying or tracking.



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