How to Take Care of a New Mattress

taking care of your mattress

Everybody knows that a place of rest at night plays one of the most important roles in our health because we spend a great part of the whole life on a mattress. A good and a high-quality mattress is not really a cheap purchase but people still buy them because the mattress has a huge effect on the health and body, and helps improve sleep. Every single person learns a lot of information about types and materials before purchase to be sure they make the right choice. A lot of manufacturers provide a warranty term of about 5 -10 years. Some of them even have a warranty for 15 years. It is a very long period for a thing you use every single day for several hours at least. 

In spite of a warranty from a manufacturer, people should understand that it is a must to take care of your mattress properly too. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about it. Even buying a super expensive and high-quality mattress or the sobakawa pillow for your sleep does not make them last forever. Every single thing needs the care to stay as if you just recently bought it. 

Easy Tips to Keep Your Mattress Look Like the New One 

You already have a great place for a healthy sleep that fulfills all the needs and requests, now it is the time to take proper care of your place to have a good rest.

  1. All the mattresses including orthopedic ones should be turned upside down at least once a year. It is even better to do it twice a year. Some manufacturers advise customers to turn brand-new ones at least once biweekly for the first 3 months. 
  2. All fluids you should keep away from a mattress. Even with moist resistant covers. Fabrics can absorb some sweat during the night, but a cup full of coffee or even water is too much for it. 
  3. Do not forget to clean it with a vacuum cleaner at least once per 3 months. It helps to keep your mattress without different microorganisms and allergens.  
  4. Regularly change all bedding and air the mattress once a year for several hours. These are also good preventative measures to keep your sleep safe.  
  5. Use mattress toppers to keep top covering clean and fresh and prevent bacterial growth.
  6. Use cleaning products only for delicate fabrics. Using other cleaning products can cause some damages on topcoat fabrics which makes it less resistant to moist and different microorganisms later.
looking after your mattress is important
  1. Read and follow manual information and all the recommendations from a manufacturer! Some materials need specific care so be sure to learn about it before purchase.

As you can see, taking care of a new mattress is not so hard as it could seem at first. Following these easy cleaning habits will help you to keep a mattress in great condition as long as it can last. A clean and well-cared place of sleep is a key for good and healthy rest during the whole night after a busy day at work.

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