How to Share 3D Model from Reality Capture

Img Source - Peter Falkingham

Creating photorealistic 3D models from photos is easier than ever. It’s magical how easily you can use special software to create a 3D model from a few photographs that would have taken a 3D graphic designer hours, maybe even tens of hours, to create.

One of the most commonly used software for photogrammetry (read more) is Reality Capture. If you use this software you must have encountered the problem of how to get a 3D model from this desktop application to the web. Whether it be to place the 3D model directly on your site, or to simply share the 3D model to a colleague or customers.

For these purposes, you need to use a dedicated web application to which you upload your 3D model and which then allows you to view the model in a 3D web browser. Which you can then embed in your website or send as a link. This is similar to uploading a video to YouTube, for example.

However, the range of such applications on the web is not as wide as it might seem at first glance. So if you want to share your 3D model from Reality Capture online your choice will probably fall on one of these applications.


Probably the best known web application for selling and sharing 3D models. Includes lots of options for topology and texture inspection and rich options for scene lighting editing. From the beginning, it was conceived primarily for sharing and selling polygonal 3D graphics, and its tools match that. It doesn’t allow you to insert e.g. photos into the scene or combine a 3D model with panoramic images. Even the text options for points of interest are relatively limited. But if you want to focus more on the technical side of your 3D model, allowing your clients to browse individual textures and view its topology, then Sketchfab is the obvious choice. Likewise if you want to sell your 3D model on a marketplace.

Because Sketchfab is first and foremost a Marketplace. Not a place to create a complex 3D presentations.


A relatively new application that focuses on sharing photogrammetric 3D models. It doesn’t include such topology or texture display capabilities, but instead focuses more on enriching the 3D scene. It allows you to enrich your 3D model from Reality Capture with photos, panoramic scenes or video clips. For example, you can create a 3D scene with a house model that allows you to easily click through to a panoramic scene showing the interior.

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