How to Set Up an Inflatable Swimming Pool

inflatable swimming pool in the garden

Most of us have spent a few months relegated in our homes due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. At this moment in time, we are still not aware of when the transportation will go back to normality, especially flights. With the hot summer weather coming forward and lower budgets to spend, we need to come up with new ideas.

The ideal solution could be something that keeps us refresh from the heat, and at the same time, let us enjoy some leisure time. An inflatable swimming pool is an entertaining way for you to spend happy moments with your family and friends.

In this brief article, we will give you a tip about how to set up an inflatable swimming pool. Let’s take a look.

Choose the Right Location

Inflatable swimming pools come in many different dimensions of length, width, and depth to accommodate both adults and kids. They are usually made of PVC and rubber to be more durable to external conditions. Furthermore, inflatable pools are quite practical to set up and to store.

The first step to set up an inflatable pool is to decide the right location. The area should be large enough and level with stable foundations. Make sure to avoid placing the inflatable swimming pool near materials that can be ruined by the water splashes. Remember to check if in the chosen spot, there are stones, rocks, tree branches, or any object sharp enough to pierce the pool surface.

Inflating the Pool

Following, put a large tarp on the ground to become the border area. The protective tarp should be larger than the inflatable swimming pool and should serve for people to easily get in and out and leave shoes and towels.

Unfold the inflatable swimming pool and set it upright in the center of the tarp. Next, stretch out the liner flat, ensuring that the surface is smooth without wrinkles. Walk around the pool to check if all sides are at equal distance. At last, you can inflate the inflatable swimming pool using an electric or double-action hand pump.

Large Inflatable Swimming Pool in the garden

Fill the Pool with Water

We have reached the final step; it is time to fill the pool with water. Place the garden hose inside the inflatable swimming pool and turn it on at full power. While the water is filling up control that the walls of the pool are not bunched up or overlapped. Depending on pool height, once the water reaches the top, turn off the hose.

There are different types of inflatable pools. If your pool is also equipped with ladders and other accessories, you can install them accordingly. Following these steps, you have finally successfully set up your inflatable swimming pool.


Recently in preparation for the summer, inflatable swimming pools have seen an increase in sales. Many positive comments we have read were about Cheer Inflatables large inflatable pools. It looks like that this professional brand specializes in inflatable products R&D and manufacture is doing quite well. Receiving high praises both in North America and Europe, the company inflatable swimming pools have proven to have reached high international standards.

Made of double-deck PVC Cheer Inflatables, inflatable swimming pools are waterproof, have high strength, high density, and are fire-resistant as well. They come in many dimensions for different needs. All present in Cheer Inflatables wide offer, there are inflatable pools for water parks, private houses, the one dedicated for kids and the one designed for pets’ bath.

Inflatable pools are loved by kids and adults alike. If you are searching for some new ideas, you can consider inflatable swimming pools for a refreshing and fun time without leaving your house.

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