How to Select Bulk Micro SD Card for Drones?

How to select Bulk Micro SD Card for Drones

Drone is one popular aerial vehicle to record video, picture and GPS data. We also called it as UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), as it is one tiny aircraft without pilot; the whole flying process is manipulated by a remote controller. The data recorded by it is stored in bulk Micro SD card (more information); therefore, the quality of Memory card Micro SD will play an important role. In order to get the right storage accessory for this aerial vehicle, we must check few parameters before purchasing these Micro SD Cards; as drone usually take 1080p or 4K video which is extremely strict with the speed and stability of memory card.

The key point of drone is to shoot smooth video; any choppy or unstable footage will result in loss for this fly. There are four parts we should pay high attention, which will help us do right order.

The Difference Between Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC

Micro SD Card has many types. Let’s firstly learn two of them – Micro SDHC and Micro SDXC. Micro SDHC stands for Micro SD high capacity ranging from 8GB to 32GB, while Micro SDXC means Micro SD extended capacity going from 32GB to 2TB. Therefore, we could choose the capacity based on this parameter. The max capacity can be supported by drone is 128GB, and then these two types are both available for the UAV. It will be easier for us to make selection; we will go for bulk Micro SDXC Card if we expect 32GB or above space. For more differences between the two check out this article –

The Source for Wholesale Micro SD Card 8GB or Above

The process for producing Micro SD Card is widely adopted by varies manufacturers; the technology of this process is no more difficult. However, the raw materials are highly affecting the quality of the memory card. As the production gets easier, the supplier will consider how to narrow down the cost.

The chips inside will directly influence the quality and expense of Micro SD Card. Original chips such as Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba, and Intel represent high quality and high cost, and these chips in this industry are usually called good die, on the contrary, the cheap source and low quality are the chips failed to pass the test but still can be used, and these are named as ink die.

Most consumers hardly understand the chips issue; there is one simple way to distinguish. We can mainly purchase from the brand and reliable wholesalers, as famous brands or good wholesaler will test their Micro SD Cards with most devices in the market to make sure the compatibility. If we buy from famous brands for the drone, the price is definitely high, then the wholesale source will be good choice. We could search these sources online; there are many wholesaler for Micro SD Card such as The offer from the wholesaler can be 30% cheaper than famous one; it will help you save a lot if we spend some time on this search.

The Speed of Memory Card Micro SD Card

Drone is for shooting videos in high speed. Therefore, the writing speed of Micro SD Cards will closely affect the footage created by Drone, according to TechSpot. At the beginning we have to know the minimum speed requested by the drone, it depends on the video resolution. To take vivid video, most drone in market is 1080p and 4K. Besides the video resolution, the bit rate is also related to the speed. Let’s take 4K Drone with 100Mbps as an example, one 45 minutes footage will need 19.8GB space to load, and then 32GB Micro SD Card will be the minimum request. The speed based on these data will request 7.5MB/S as minimum one, and then we need 10MB/s Micro SD Card.

Go back to the Micro SD Part; it has class and UHS to define the speed. We can find the detailed speed info as follow.

Class 4 – the minimum writing speed is 4MB/s

Class 6 – the minimum writing speed is 6MB/s

Class 10 – the minimum writing speed is 10MB/s

UHS 1- the minimum writing speed is 10MB/s

UHS 3- the minimum writing speed is 30MB/s

The main difference between UHS and Class is the read speed, UHS 3 and UHS 1 can reach 40-70MB/s by read but class version only can hit 20 MB/s.

Following these info, then it is better to take class 10, UHS 1 and UHS 3 for the Drone.

The Warranty of the Micro SD Card

No matter it is brand source or OEM one; the key issue for any shopping is the after-sales service. Although you purchase the Micro SD Card in famous brand or big store, the service they provide is more important. As no supplier can guarantee all the Micro SD Cards they produce are 100% working, once you find failed ones they can replace or repair.

Usually normal Micro SD Vendor do one year warranty, but some suppliers Kingston, MRT, Samsung can do 5 years or life time warranty. This is very long term guarantee, it means they are confident in their chips; the failure rate is very low.


The selection on Micro SD Card is easy and simple, as if we learn to judge the parameters by above way, we definitely can get the perfect Memory card for the drone. As all the footage and video data are recorded in this tiny card, all the work will go vain if we fail to get suitable Micro SD card. Micro SD card is playing one important role of accessory; the drone can’t work without it. No accessory can be as important as Micro SD Card, as it is the only storage for the drone to load the video.

All in all, we should consider the capacity, speed, source and warranty of Micro SD Card before ordering them. With these points, we can certainly get workable bulk Micro SD Card for Drones, and then we will expert on selecting Memory cards.

For more information, check out this page.



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