How To Rock The Perfect One Sided Earring for Any Occasion

one sided earring

There are many things that can go wrong if you don’t know how to wear a one sided earrings and which ones would go with specific kinds of outfits. It can be a little tricky because, as intriguing as this trend is, it is difficult to master trend. Even one sided earrings have been seen being misused by many, be it the cast of The Hot Chick or Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of Carribean. One thing we know for sure that you have to have the aesthetics to pull off this trend, it’s not all as easy as it may seem.

The question remains, how to rock one sided earrings and not look like a total fool who doesn’t know the first thing about one sided earrings, what goes with what is really important when choosing the one sided earrings.

Don’t worry because, despite the disasters, there are many who have perfectly rocked one sided earrings. The one sided earrings line from Ammanii is also one to look up to, you can never go wrong with Ammanii’s one sided earrings. Other major fashion brands like cue Vetements and Jean Paul Gaultier also gave us major one sided earrings inspirations.

The one rule about the one sided earring is that it has to be really memorable. None of the earrings that have been worn perfectly look understated. These earrings are really delicate, and mostly they hang up to your shoulder. But if you just want to keep things casual, it is best to wear the short ones even but do remember not to make them short if you want to give major vibes or if it is a really big day.

Geometric pieces say elegance more than anything, so any gold piece would do or any floral design can make a perfect statement as well. One sided earrings are also an opportunity to show off your whole ear and style it perfectly. You can use the extra ear piercings or just wear some smaller but matching studs along the rim of your ear.

If you look well enough, you may find that you already have a single side worthy earring in your jewellery box, if not, do get one before you go on to show off something that really doesn’t make a statement.

You have to ensure that you need to completely show off your ear when it comes to single sided earrings. Keep it casual with casual dressed but go big when you are going to parties.

The following are some inspirations to style one sided earrings.

1. Mary Katrantzou

You can find one sided earrings in Mary Katrantzou latest collection that shows Greek heritage. You can find the Greek heritage reference in both clothes and accessories. The embellishments look a lot like olive wreaths, making quite the statement. You can see that one earring with a large design can rock any formal look.

2. Jean Paul Gaultier

The couture collection by Jean Paul Gaultier shows a lot of floral designs in accessories. The blooms recreated in metal and silver bubbles seem to float up the ear, this single sided earring can make up your whole next trip a story to remember.

3. Saint Laurent

This is basically what you can rock with nearly anything when it comes to outstanding ear collection, some are YSL logo with pieces on the lobes along with the helix. Still, something that will make quite a statement.

Could we also see the mismatched earrings trend take off –

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