How to Rock Hip Hop Jewelry

hip hop jewelry

People who love hip hop can give you a sense of what jewels mean to singers and actors. Hip hop jewelry remains one of the highest esteemed fashion parts in the advertisement business. Many people try to imitate the famous hip hop singers and buy the exact same jewels they wear. 

That is why you should know more about hip hop culture and what they need to become fashion idols for their fans. It certainly seems that the jewels these people wear could make them look fancy. They attract a more feminine population and become a trend for plenty of people. Let’s now check what the hip hop jewelry is and which are the best of them to rock and roll:

What Is Hip Hop Jewelry?

Jewels are connected to the hip hop culture, even from the first day of its appearance. The jewelry famous hip-hoppers decide to wear comprises heavy chains, rings, earrings, and bracelets with enormous ends. Usually, these jewels are from yellow or white gold. The most prestigious singers never show up on stage without some platinum bracelets. They show their anger to the system, and they may also show their appreciation for noble metals. This metal exhibition’s inner need would be that hip hop is eternal like they are!

The Gold Plated Hip Hop Jewels

Gold is a precious metal that will never fade away or rust. That is why many hip-hop famous singers prefer to wear gold plated jewels on the scene. These plates could depict other famous singers or engrave locations or even names. They can be heavy to wear, but hip-hoppers can get used to them after a while. These symbols’ external value shows that hip-hop is something significant, and people can make tons of money out of it.

Gangster Jewelry

Gangsters wear nugget rings, bracelets, heavy chains, and other jewels showing their prosperity. Many African American hip-hoppers like to combine that kind of jewelry with long trousers and tops while wearing their cups upside down. People in many parts of the world like to see the gangster style from singers they love to listen. That is the main reason why gangster jewelry has many more to give and is a necessary asset and accessory for all wannabe hip-hoppers.

Rapper Jewelry

The rapper jewelry can match one of the hip-hoppers, only minimal in style. Rappers also love yellow and white gold, while they never prefer platinum over other precious metals. This singer’s category can also like thinner bracelets and pendants, smaller rings, and earrings. A usual trend in the rapper culture would be to forge a yellow gold picture of themselves and hang it over their chests. Rappers like to show their wealth, and jewels are the most incremental part of it!

White Gold Hip Hop Jewels

In their initial part of their career, hip-hop singers can choose to wear only white gold jewels. That may happen because white gold is an earthy metal, less expensive than yellow gold and platinum. Others could decide to wear silver, but white gold is a must even for hip-hoppers who make their first appearance on stage. The number of jewels directly correlates with their success and the financial level they enjoy. The more white gold jewels, the best for their audience that follows them no matter what.


People believe that hip-hop singers are extreme in their presence and reactions. However, they like to show people how music can liberate them from poverty. That is why the jewelry they decide to wear and show off is expensive and very limited in production. Keep in mind that hip-hop is also street music, and jewels can create a trend hard to forget!



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