How to Restore Your iOS System – Guide in 2019

restore your iOS

With the development of the Apple company, the iOS system performs better and better. However, although the iOS system performs well, you will still inevitably encounter some system problems, such as iPhone keeps restarting, iPhone stuck in recovery mode or Apple logo, back screen, blue screen, red screen, iPhone disabled to connect iTunes or iPhone and more possible system errors.

When you are in these kinds of situations, you may ask for some common solutions. For example, you may restore factory settings ( or reboot forcefully and so on. Sometimes these solutions are workable, but sometimes they don’t. Fortunately, due to the advancement of the technology, an increasing number of third-party iOS system recovery software are available. Here we have a perfect recommendation for you, that is, FoneDog iOS System Recovery.

FoneDog iOS System Recovery, an excellent third-party software, helps you to fix your iPhone, or iPad to go back to good working status and meanwhile your data won’t be lost. So here today we’d like to introduce you how to use FoneDog iOS System Recovery to fix your data without data loss. What’s more, we will also provide you another method on fixing your iOS system problem will be shown to you. Now, let’s view the methods one by one.

Part 1: Recovering iOS System Using FoneDog iOS System Recovery 

Before we show you the simple and easy guide of using FoneDog iOS System Recovery tool (see here), we’d like to give you a brief introduction about the software. It is a software that can check your iDevice is in a normal status or not.

There are two modes for you to fix your iPhone or iPad to go back to good working order. One is “Standard Mode”, which can help you to fix your iDevice without losing your data; the other is “ Advanced mode”, which is good for you to repair your iDevice when “ Standard mode” didn’t work, but what you need to pay attention to is that all your iDevice data will be deleted. After you have a general idea about it, let’s show you a step-by-step introduction.

Step 1: Installed and Launched FoneDog iOS System Recovery

When you began to run FoneDog tool, in its main interface you can select the option “iOS System Recovery”. Then use your USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and press the “ Start” button.

Step 2: Make Sure to Download Firmware

You may need to download the firmware so as to let FoneDog tool repair the abnormalities in your operating system. The latest iOS system version will be provided for downloading by FoneDog toolkit. Then click the “ Repair” button to download it and patiently wait for the downloading process.

Step 3: Fixing Automatically

When the download is finished, FoneDog tool will start to fix your iOS system automatically. Please do not use your iPhone or iPad during this step, otherwise, your iDevice may run the risk of getting bricked.

Step 4: Await the Process Finished

When the fixing is finished, FoneDog tool will inform you, but you can’t disconnect your iDevice immediately. You can disconnect or remove your iDevice until your iDevice rebooted.

Part 2: How to Recover iOS System through iTunes

Aside from the method mentioned above, there are many options you can choose. Here we’d like to display you repair your iOS System with iTunes. Now, let me show you the solution.

Step 1: Confirm that your iTunes is the latest version (instructions here)

Step 2: Close your iTunes if it is open. Link your iDevice to your computer, which you use for the repair, and then open your iTunes.

Step 3: Make sure your iDevice is linked, and follow different steps depending on different iDevice.

  • For iPad: Long press the top button or volume button so that the power-off slider will be shown, then turn off your iDevice by drawing the slider. Pressing the top button and meanwhile link the iPad to your computer, and don’t stop pressing until you see “ Recovery mode”.
  • For iPhone (latest version): Long press the side button and one volume button, then the power-offer slider will be shown, turn off your iDevice by drawing the slider. Pressing the top button and meanwhile link the iPad to your computer, and don’t stop pressing until you see “ Recovery mode”.

Step 4: Select the option “ Update” when you see two options, “ Restore” or “Update”. Then iTunes will reinstall your iOS system. Patiently await iTunes to download it for your iDevice. What you should pay attention to is that if the download process cost more fifteen minutes, you just finished it and then back to Step 3.

Step 5: When the Update or Recovery is finished, you can set up your iDevice again.

Part 3: Conclusion

There are many ways for you to recover your iOS system, and one of the most convenient ways is to third-party software, e,g. FoneDog iOS System Recovery. As what we mentioned above, with the help of FoneDog iOS System Recovery, you can recover your iOS system without data loss or and solve your problems better. Besides, you don’t need to go to Apple Support Center, but just repair your iPhone or iPad at home by yourself.

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