How to Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files


Nowadays, drones are becoming more popular for photography and videography. The drones are aerial devices that maneuver hands-free. Videographers are abandoning old-fashioned cameras and video recorders. Creating videos from drones is an exciting experience, but sometimes, it can turn bitter because of video corruption. If you are reading this article, it shows that you are facing similar issues and wish to repair corrupt video. Here is a quick guide to the different methods you can utilize to repair DJI videos.

Part 1: Common Reasons for DJI Video Files Corruption

Drones are designed to work in challenging environments, yet the video shot by drones is prone to corruption or damage. Drone users around the world sometimes face scenarios where they encounter corruption in their DJI videos. Losing their high-quality videos shot by DJI cameras can be extremely expensive for them. Thus, they are usually found searching for methods to repair corrupt video on various platforms. 

There are plenty of reasons that can lead to drone video damage. It requires you to repair DJI video immediatelyto save those stunning shots. Some of the common reasons behind DJI video corruption are mentioned below; 

Interruption while transferring the Videos – Often, while transferring videos from drone SD card to computer; interruptions such as abrupt card removal or system shutdown can damage the videos and affect their quality.  

Battery Issues – Capturing videos with a low or worn out drone camera battery can call for repair corrupt videos action. 

Virus and Malware Attacks – Sometimes, unknowingly virus attacks your drone’s machinery or SD card resulting in apprehended data. In this case, the SD card becomes unreadable. 

Accidental Shutdowns –Abruptturn-offsand sudden power failures while capturing the shots can destruct your DJI videos and destroy their quality. 

Mishandling – Treating your DJI drone camera carelessly or leaving it exposed to extremely high and low temperatures damages the data stored in the SD card, which ultimately requires you to repair DJI videos. 

Formatting –Formatting your external SD card or internal storage of the DJI drone camera erases all your saved files, including videos and photos.

DJI Crashing – The sudden crash resulting from loss of control by the operator can result in this unlikely situation. 

Part 2: How to fix corrupt DJI video files?

Now that we understand the reasons behind DJI video corruption, we can do something about it. There are various methods available that allow us to repair corrupt video. The methods are as follows:

Djifix Software

One of the most recommended methods to repair DJI video is by Djifix command-line application. Djifix Tool is open-source software that fixes corrupt video files from DJI Inspire, Spark, Mavic Mini, and Phantom.


  • Download the “djifix.exe” from the Save the file in the exact location as your corrupted video files.
  • Run the “cmd” command. You can change the folder that contains the corrupt files and the “djifix.exe” application file by using the “cd” command later if you like.
  • Type “’djifix name-of-video-file-to-repair-including-any-.MP4-or-.MOV-filename-suffix’’ in the command line to repair the corrupt video.

On Mac:

  • Download “djifix” from and save the application to the “Movies” folder.
  • Move the corrupted video you wish to fix in the “Movies” folder.
  • In the “Utilities” folder, run the “Terminal” application.
  • Type the following lines in separate lines in Terminal.

cd Movies

chmod +x djifix

./djifix name-of-video-file-to-repair-including-any-.MP4-or-.MOV-filename suffix

Command Prompt

Another way to fix the corrupted multimedia file is by using the command prompt. Follow these steps to repair the DJI video using the command prompt:

  • Type “cmd” in the search bar or go to the start menu and find the “Command Prompt.” Right-click it and Run as an administrator.
  • Type “dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth” in the Command Prompt.
  • Command Prompt will take some time to find the corrupt file, type SFC/scannow to scan and repair corrupt video.

VLC Media Player

The good thing about the VLC Media player is that it can repair the videos as well. If your video is in MP4 or MOV format, you can use VLC Media Player to fix it. And it’s free! 

  • Copy and Paste the corrupt video in the same place. 
  • Change the format from MP4/MOV to AVI.
  • Launch VLC Media Player and click on “Preferences” in the Tools option. Or press Ctrl+P.
  • Go to Input & Codecs > Damaged or incomplete AVI file.
  • Select Always Fix in the dropdown.
  • Click Save.

Part 3: Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files With Wondershare Repairit

If none of the above three methods discussed are helpful, then don’t worry; there is another solution. As it is said, the best is saved for the last!  

Wondershare Repairit video repair tool, with its impressive technique and enhanced features, is the best software to repair corrupt videos. It is an efficient, effective, and user-friendly tool with two versions; Repairit Online and Reapirit for Desktop. 

Repairit online can repair ten video files of MP4, MOV, and 3GP format and 200 MB of size per day. It also provides a 30s video previewing feature for better analysis. The highlight of the Repairit online version is that it is absolutely free of charge, and you can repair DJI video without signing up. 

Repairit for Desktop accepts more than ten video file formats of unlimited size and gives a complete preview of your recovered file. 

This article will provide a detailed information on repairing corrupted DJI video files using the Wondershare Repairit online tool. If your DJI drone camera saves the videos in MP4, MOV, or 3GP file formats, you can simply follow the steps below and repair damaged DJI videos in a few minutes. Otherwise, you will need to sign up and use the desktop version.

Step 1: Upload the Damaged file on Repairit 

After opening the Repairit online website, you will see a large “+” sign on the front page. Click on it and select the file you want to fix. The upload bar will indicate the initiation of video uploading.

Image Name: How to Repair Corrupt DJI Video Files – 3

Image Alt: Upload the Damaged file on Repairit

Step 2: Start of Repairing Process 

Once the video is successfully uploaded, the repair process starts automatically.

Step 3: Preview and Save the Repaired File 

Once the repairing process completes, a window with the repaired video file will appear. Preview the video and download it if you are satisfied; otherwise, you can start the process again.

Part 4: Tips to protect video files

Repairing and retrieving damaged or lost data is not an issue anymore. However, to save time and resist stress, it is essential to protect your essential multimedia files. Discussed below are a few tips to avoid video degradation.

  • Keep your system and DJI drones updated with modern antiviruses to avoid malware attacks.
  • Handle your devices with care and do not expose them to heating or intense cooling. 
  • Always create a backup before transferring, altering, and editing your multimedia files from one device to another. 
  • Use high-quality SD cards and batteries. 
  • Use a reliable power and internet connection. 


DJI drones capture breath-taking aerial photos and videos and, watching them is pure magic and an absolute treat. Losing such precious data can be frustrating. There can be various reasons for data corruption. However, data loss is not permanent and can be retrieved easily. While the other discussed methods to repair DJI videos are open source, they are limited in their functionality. Wondershare Repairit tool, on the other hand, is faster and user-friendly. Its online version is free and available for both windows and mac; that makes it more efficient than any other method offered in the market.



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