How to Remember Your Past Lives

Do you know how to remember your past lives? Did you know you even have them? It’s not as strange as you might think. If you keep an open mind, the topic of past lives might end up explaining a lot about your life right now. 

What are Past Lives? 

Many world religions believe in various forms of reincarnation. They believe that we carry forward energy, experiences, and thought patterns from past lives into our current one. You may have lived decades or centuries before you were born into this life. And just like the events of your childhood affect your adult self, the events of your past lives affect your current one. 

What is Past Life Regression? 

Past life regression allows you to tap into your memories from your past lives. Our unconscious holds the experiences and beliefs from our lives before. Imagine a bottomless suitcase that you carry from life to life. Each significant event from every life gets placed into the suitcase and carried on to the next life. That suitcase is stored in your unconscious, waiting to be opened. 

In past life therapy, a therapist or hypnotist can guide you into hypnotic trance and help you uncover these vital memories from the past. 

How can Past Life Regression Help Me? 

Just like learning about your past experiences in this life can help you become a better person, so can knowing about your past lives. Finding explanations for your thoughts and behaviors can allow you to improve yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the ways past life regression helps. 

Understand Yourself Better

Have you ever wondered why you’re drawn to certain places or like particular foods? Do you have a talent that you picked up “naturally”? By learning about your past lives, you’ll appreciate your talents and preferences more. You’ll feel a deeper connection to locations and time periods, knowing that you’ve walked those exact streets or lived in that era. 

If you struggle with mental health issues like anxiety or depression, reviewing your past lives can help you find out why. Getting to the root of these issues can help you heal and resolve those feelings. Having more knowledge about your past can help you to overcome your challenges in the present. 

Build Your Spirituality

Whether or not you subscribe to a set religion, you can still be spiritual. Educating yourself about your past lives provides you with a deeper connection to your spiritual self. Knowing that there is a part of you that threads through time and space broadens your view of what life is. 

We often fear what is unknown. Death and spirituality are two unknowns that can make people feel uneasy and fearful. Understanding the concept of past lives, however, gets rid of the uncertainty of death and the spirit. Through past life therapy, you can find comfort in death and spirituality instead of fearing them. You know you’ve been through death’s door before and have nothing to fear. 

Increased Self Awareness

Finding new insights into yourself can open doors for you. When you understand yourself better, you become more compassionate towards yourself. Instead of being self-critical and judging yourself harshly, you can be kinder to yourself. By letting go of all the negativity, you finally release all that’s holding you back. 

Learning about your past lives can also boost your self-esteem. Finding out about your successes in your past lives, and how you overcame struggle to achieve them, can set the stage for you in this one. Knowing that you’ve accomplished so much in previous lives will help you move forward in this one. You’ll find you’ll like who you are, and, in turn, you’ll be more successful in your endeavors. 

What Happens During a Past Life Regression?

It’s okay to be skeptical of past lives. It’s difficult to believe something new when we’ve been taught something else. But keeping an open mind to trying new things can lead to life-changing experiences — past life regression is one of them. 

Past life therapy starts with relaxation through hypnosis. Unlike the comical “movie” version of hypnosis, hypnosis used for past life therapy doesn’t involve a swinging pendulum or snapping of the fingers. 

Eli Bliliuos, the lead past life practitioner at the NYC Hypnosis Center says “Hypnosis consists of being placed into a very relaxed state following the direction of a hypnotherapist’s soothing voice. While you’re in this state, you are aware, responsive, and in control. However, the relaxed state allows a hypnotherapist to access your subconscious.”

Unlocking the subconscious lets you and your hypnotherapist access your memories of the past— including those of your past lives. Significant issues will spontaneously and automatically come to the forefront, because your mind knows what it is, you’re looking for. 

This is How to Remember Your Past Lives

How do you think you’ll remember your past lives? Do you believe it will be with happiness, anger, or sadness? Most likely, it’s all the above. Important events in your current life are full of emotion, and past lives are no different. 

During your past life regression, a memory of a scent, scene, or sound might come to mind. Your hypnotist will help you to follow that memory and explore it. As you get more information about that past life memory, you may feel the same emotions you felt way back then. You won’t be alone. Your hypnotist will be there to guide you and give you support. 

Confronting the past can lead to revelations and truths that you may not have come to otherwise. The goal is also to release any emotions and past life experiences that may be negatively impacting you in your current life. It is also possible to identify past life skills that you might find easier to study and practice in your current life.

What are Examples of Past Life Experiences

It is very common for clients to seek out Past Life exploration due to a deep connection they are having with someone they just met. They can’t explain while they feel they have known them their whole lives even though they just met. Often clients identify that they have lived many lives with this same person/soul!

The opposite can be true as well. Some patients cannot explain why they just don’t like or trust a family member. They later learn that this same person/soul hurt them in a past life. The value of this is being able to let go of the anger or mistrust if it is unwarranted in the present life

There are also examples of clients who learned that they had a specific skill in a past life, like being an artist. After the session they found painting came easily and naturally to them.

Moving Forward 

Past life regression can open new doors for you. We may feel as if we’re lacking experience or knowledge. We might even feel like fakes in our lives. Knowing that we’ve lived past lives, however, gives us the ability to say, “I’ve overcome much more than this.” It confirms that you belong wherever you may be at this moment. Knowing about past lives gives you the strength to move past the emotions that are blocking you from progress. 

Learning about your past lives isn’t like fortune-telling or visiting a psychic. It tells you about your past, not your future. But what it can do is make your path through the future clearer and less frightening. There’s nothing to fear, after all. You’ve been there before. 

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