How to Play Paintball – Big Sports! (The 2020 Guide)

How to Play Paintball

Paintball is a fast-paced and exciting combat sport. Using paintball guns, players compete in teams or even individually to eliminate other players. Undoubtedly, it’s a lot of fun! If you are looking forward to how to effectively learn to play, it’s time to get yourself familiar with the basic paintball gear, rules, and playing styles.

1 Find a Suitable Place to Play

Paintball battlefields are wide in layout and size and are played both indoors and outdoors. Typically, a game field comes with bunkers, barrels, tables, stacks of tires and other types of obstacles. It’s a great idea to find a paintball field in your area if you have just started.

2 Understand the Rules

A few fundamental rules are applicable to most paintball games. The game is played with a certain time limit with one team trying to shoot the opponents. As long as you are on the field, keep your mask on at all times and you are ready to attack the other team’s players.

3 Leave the Field When You Have Been Shot

When a paintball knocks out a player and burst, you are out and must leave the playing field. You are required to raise your hand and avoid being shot several times. On the other hand, if a paintball hits without leaving color, you are free to play.

4 Aim Properly

Paintballs drop considerably in height over a relatively small distance. It’s better to aim a little higher and ahead of moving targets. One good place to aim is around neck height as it ensures a fair kill. If the opponents are moving, a smart approach is to aim ahead of them while they are running. Try to take strategic shots instead of spraying paint all over.

5 Conserve Your Ammo

It’s common to run out of paint on the field. Primarily depending on the size of hopper, you may have sufficient but it’s a great idea to conserve your shots and only shoot when you have aimed properly. Do not simply blast off shots when you hear something. Wait until you see your target clearly and close enough to hit a successful shot. Practice moving side by side and keep your paintball gun at a steady level.

6 Communicate with Your Teammates

Communication is fundamental when playing in a team. It’s important to coordinate attacks, organizing strategy, carry out effective moves and listen to one another on the field. Get together with your team players and use call signs and hand signals. Using gestures and hand signals are the best way to coordinate without letting the opponent team know about your strategy.

7 Pay Attention

Paintball is an active and quick sport and therefore it requires you to make decisions within seconds. You need to listen to all those tree branches snapping, echoes on cement and gravel crunching. Also, breath through your nose as most masks are more likely to fog-up when you breathe through your mouth. Have fun but be cautious at the same time. Stay calm!

8 Be Stealthy

Learn to creep around as it will make you a better paintball player. Try to move consistently between cover, run with your knees bent and your head down. Next, pop up immediately and find your target and get back to the hidden position again. Be smart and aim carefully!

9 Keep Moving

Do not wander around aimlessly rather choose a place wisely and keep on moving. At the same time, you need to think of when to take cover and bunker up. Wait for the opponent team to reveal their moves and position yourself accordingly.



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