How to Plan Your Own Funeral

Funeral costs have rocketed in cost with an increase of 128% since 2004 (Sun Life cost of dying report 2021). Therefore, it is becoming more and more important to consider planning your own funeral. Not only does a funeral plan ensure peace of mind for you and your family but it also means that you can lock in the cost of Funeral Director’s services at today’s prices. But with many people avoiding the subject of death it means that people are not aware of the steps and considerations when it comes to funerals. 

Decide on the Type of Service That You Want 

Firstly it is vital to have an idea of the type of service that you would like, of course there is the ‘traditional’ funeral service but there are many alternative options available. ‘Celebration of life’ services are increasing in popularity, which deviate away from the typical religious ceremonies where it is custom to wear black and sing hymns, instead they focus on a positive aspect with attendees wearing bright colours and playing popular songs. Not only is it important to consider the type of service that you would like but then comes the matter of a cremation or burial? Would you want the service to be religious or humanist? Would you like flowers and limousines for your loved ones? It may seem overwhelming to have to deliberate but imagine the pressure on your loved ones if it was left to them to organise this in a week whilst also grieving. Putting a plan in place now while you have the time will remove this stress and allow your loved ones to grieve properly. 

Discuss With Your Loved Ones 

Families often avoid the topic of death, especially with older relatives, as they do not want to

cause upset but this discussion is important in order to ensure everything is in place. Once you and your family have come to terms with the inevitability of death, this acceptance allows you to turn the funeral planning process into a positive milestone, meaning that your funeral will be a reminder of your wishes and your life.

Set a Budget That Works for You

Think about setting a budget for your funeral, this will depend on what you can afford and what it is that you want to spend on. With funeral prices increasing, the cost of dying will probably be a lot higher than you anticipated and not a lot of people factor in this cost meaning that the financial burden is passed to their family. 

The Sun Life cost of dying report shows that the average cost of a funeral is £4,184. However, there are more affordable options such as a direct cremation which is becoming more favourable. A direct cremation means that there is no service for loved ones to pay their respects, instead the body is collected and then the ashes are returned to the next of kin, this omits the costs of flowers, ministers, limousines and venue hire. 

Find the Right Plan for You

Funeral plans are a great way to secure the details of your desired funeral and ensure that they are carried out as you wish. Many plans can be tailored to cater to your wants and needs, the cost can be paid in full but can also be broken down into monthly instalments to make them affordable. Moreover, when the time comes your loved ones will be able to take the time to grieve properly as everything is already organised and paid for, all it takes is a phone call to the provider to notify them and they take it from there. 

Once all these steps have been considered, it gives you the peace of mind that your funeral plan will be taken care of when the time comes.



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