How to Pick the Right Dog for Your Family

Deciding to get a dog is a big decision and you need to put a lot of thought into it. If you took every detail into consideration and made your mind on getting a dog, congratulations! It is quite exciting news. Now, finding a puppy for your family that is a good fit is key. These are things you need to think about:

Should They be a Big Dog or a Small Dog?

You should decide on the size of your future furry friend. Do you want a small dog? Then, keep in mind that small dogs are vulnerable and delicate. If you have a toddler(s), you should be sure that they do not hurt the dog unintentionally. Some serious injuries can happen if the little buddy is stepped on or mishandled. 

Do you want a big dog? Then, you should take your house’s size into consideration, too, because big dogs need space to move around, run and jump. Therefore, they may feel trapped in a small house or an apartment without a yard. 

For dogs of all sizes, training is the key point. Little dogs may have a “tough dog” attitude to compensate for their tininess while the big dogs should be trained not to behave like little dogs; because as they grow up, “little dog” attitude may hurt you! On the flip side — big dogs may seem like gentle giants, but they often don’t know how big they are! They may be too big for toddlers too, so you’ll have to train both your dog and your toddler to be gentle around each other. 

ACL’s Braces

Did you know that some breeds of dogs — large or small — are more vulnerable to knee problems? CCL issues are some of the most common injuries faced by all dog breeds and sizes. Knees are sensitive, complex joints, and rigorous activity or poor health can set them up for injury. Just like in humans, a knee injury will require support! If your dog has been diagnosed with, or you believe they may be suffering from a CCL injury, dog knee braces provide the support to their joint necessary to prevent further harm. Depending on your pup, you may want to look into these to help prevent the need for costly surgery!

Energy/Activity Level

Dogs aren’t the same when it comes to their activity level. It is often related to their breed, but one thing for sure is that every dog needs an exercise routine. Therefore, you should think about how much time and energy you have to walk and play with your furry friend. If you have energetic children, a dog with lower energy may not work for your family. When your children want to play, they may get sad if the buddy does not want to play. The reverse is true too. Pick a dog that matches your lifestyle, don’t force the pup to conform to yours. 

Should You Choose a Puppy or an Older Dog?

Puppies usually will need more attention and training. You need to puppy-proof the house until the training is done. You may also need to take some time off the work to be around the house and the kids to make sure they bond healthily, and the puppy settles in. Adult dogs may also have high energy levels, but they may not need the same attention from you as a puppy does.

You can think of a senior dog, too. If your kid(s) have a calm nature, a senior dog may be a great companion for them. Senior dogs have the same loyalty and loving personality as the younger dogs. However, it is useful to think that a senior dog may need special attention because of their age such as frequent vet visits.

What Breed Should They Be?

It is common that people have a favorite breed when it comes to dogs. It can have so many reasons such as appearance, behaviors, energy, or the time a person spends with a specific breed. Selecting the breed requires attention to details to pick the right dog for your family. You should research the characteristics of the breed. You may determine some criteria including physical maintenance, grooming needs, health issues or temperament while you search for the right breed. You can see if the characteristics of the dog’s and your family’s lifestyle match. 

Above all — pick a dog that you love and that your family loves. Welcome them in with open arms and give them a forever home. Everyone will thank you for it. 

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