How to Optimize Your Google Business Profile

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Whether you’re establishing a brand new business, or you need to transition your existing one from Google My Business (GMB), there’s a lot you can do to maximize your benefits from Google’s updated platform. Google Business Profile (GBP) is the newest iteration of Google’s business-oriented search function. Taking advantage of both the new and revised features Google provides is one of the best ways to improve your overall search engine result rankings.

Here are a few key highlights of Google Business Profile you should familiarize yourself with in order to optimize yours.

Take Advantage of Features

When you’re looking to improve your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs), there’s really no better resource than the search engine itself. As the authority on the subject, Google is always working to make improvements. The many features of GBP have been developed with purpose and functionality in mind.

Complete Your Profile

Similar to many social media platforms, GBP will let you know whether your profile is missing any information. Unlike personal social media accounts, the more information you include in your GBP, the better. Not only is it helpful for search engine optimization (SEO), it’s also something that can make or break a potential lead.

Providing business details in your GBP allows Google to directly access this information when executing search queries. For example, if you’ve taken advantage of adding your store’s precise location to GBP and claiming it on Google Maps, this will improve your ranking when local customers add “near me” to their search. It’s also possible that adding details regarding your goods and services in your GBP can help Google recommend your business when potential customers search complementary terms.

Admidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people like to avoid making unnecessary trips whenever possible. Completing your GBP with as much detail you can will foster a positive customer interaction before they even leave their house. A great example of this would be having accurate business hours; if a customer is looking for a business that’s open at a specific time, but your profile doesn’t have a definitive answer, they’re likely to choose another option.

Expecting to have limitless information at our fingertips is a hallmark of living in the 21st century. Always being able to access reliable information via Google is an unconscious assumption we all make, which makes it all the more frustrating when we’re unable to find the answers we seek. Rounding out your GBP ensures that those who come across your business won’t be disappointed by a lack of information.

Learn and Implement Functionalities

Google is the expert on its product. Trust that they have developed the features and elements of GBP to make the most of your online presence. Not only has Google made improvements to GBP to your SEO advantage, but they’ve also streamlined so much to make everything easier for business owners.

GBP has taken all of the clunky elements of GMB – separate websites, mobile apps, customer interfacing – and simplified everything into one. It’s easier than ever to utilize all of the functions of Google’s business-centered assets. Before, small businesses and larger companies had different information integrations. Now, GBP offers robust functionalities to even the smallest of businesses. Take advantage of these powerful tools and incorporate new features like Call History, Messaging, and Read Recipts to improve your overall customer experience.

Adjusting to change and learning how to utilize technology to your advantage doesn’t have to be difficult. Because Google offers so many tools, there’s almost always a solution to whatever challenge you’re encountering. Plus, Google is great at providing user-friendly instructions for just about everything.

Stay Active

Once you’ve fully completed your GBP, it’s time to make the most of your profile. Having a well-rounded website and accurate information is just the beginning. The best way to improve your rankings and finalize SEO is to have an active online presence.

Performance Planning

One of the newest features for GBP is the Performance Planner. If your business is booming – which it will be, thanks to your optimized GBP – finding time to analyze your data and finances might be a challenge. The new Performance Planner takes on the burden of suggesting improvements for your business. Although you certainly want to have a thorough understanding of your business’s finances and long-term goals, the Planner is an exceptionally powerful day-to-day tool.

Regular reporting allows you to take advice in stride. You’ll know right away whether you’re experiencing a sales lull, or if you’re doing better than ever. If unforeseen circumstances affect your bottom line, the Planner will have ideas for how to make up revenue and even improve your reputation. Partnering with the Performance Planner is an excellent way to roll with the punches and keep your business in the green.

Even if you’re working with a company for your SERP and SEO needs, the Performance Planner will help you incorporate some expert-proven techniques. Make the most of every GBP update, website change, and social media post with the insights the Planner will provide.

Consistent Content

There’s no better marketing than word of mouth advertising and personalized customer interactions. Staying active online is an essential part of optimizing your presence. Although there’s a lot that can be done on your behalf by a third-party marketing firm, the value of creating content on your own is incomparable.

It’s important to note that anything social that’s posted to your business’s profile will expire after a week. While you can still retrieve this information once it is no longer visible, only the most recent content will be displayed for customers. Because of this information rollover, planning out your posts – and scheduling them, when possible – is essential to keeping a balanced newsfeed.

With consideration to the customer experience, personally connecting with clients via social media has a significant impact on their perception of your business. That being said, consistently publishing posts, articles, and even just pictures can make a major difference in your rankings. When Google sees that you’re an active online presence, it adds credence to your business as a whole. Coupled with a complete GBP, there’s no better foundation for your business’ reputation.

No technology is fool-proof, but Google’s products provide some of the most user-friendly experiences available. The best way to optimize your Google Business Profile is to accurately and thoroughly fill it out. Additionally, being prompt with any updates and changes will help to close new leads.

With so many brands and businesses for customers to choose from, it’s important to give yours every advantage, says SocialMediaToday. Google Business Profile is one of your best tools for establishing and maintaining a significant online reputation. Optimize your profile to start closing more leads and developing better customer relationships.

Learning the ins and outs of marketing and advertising, especially the digital variety, can be difficult. The good news is that you don’t have to learn a whole new skill to help your business flourish. If you’re still intimidated by Google’s capabilities, teaming up with a white label SEO service can allow you to focus on what really matters – your business.

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