How to Modernize Your Home

Are you wanting a small and manageable project to make your home look a little more modern? Then you have come to the right place! 

The home is where the heart is so it’s important to keep it well looked after. If you leave it rundown, it will lack its overall appeal and you’ll probably encounter maintenance problems over time, often costing you more time and money. 

Refresh your walls

Giving your room a fresh link of paint or new roll of wallpaper can be great for modernizing your home. But you’ll probably want to think about color schemes, so let’s dive in. 

  • Opt in for lighter shades such as pastels, beiges, and whites to make your room spacious.
  • Wallpaper is great if you want to add a feature wall to your room. We recommend going for a textured wallpaper to add some groove. 
  • Wall coverings and tapestries add some culture too. Don’t get rid of those old band posters you used to collect from festivals, they may come in handy!  

Let some light in! 

Installing larger windows can let more natural light in. Older windows let more heat out which is probably why your energy bill keeps increasing. Double glazed windows are a better option if you’re wanting to save money! They also add a touch of class to your home too. Ceiling to floor, light curtains add a touch of elegance to any room of your home. Or if you prefer, opt in for dark colored blinds. 

Switch up your flooring 

Hardwood flooring and LVT are a great option, we recommend going for a parquet floor if you’re looking to add luxury and class into your home. An allrounder, LVT is a great match for any space as its easy to install, waterproof and scratch-proof. Its surface replicates wood which is a bonus if you’re on a budget and still want to achieve a modern look. 

Shop furniture 

And now for the exciting part! Can you safely say you’ve stuck to what’s on a list? No, didn’t think so. Your furniture and décor are the most important assets to your home, after all they show off your personality! We recommend going for a minimal approach if you’re wanting to modernize your home. Electric colors can make a room pop too, try go for interiors with shades of blue and mustard. Crazy lamps are also a funky way to light up your space, after all, we want to see how great the room looks! 


In most cases, the kitchen is the centerpiece of your home. It’s a place for families to get together and a hub for entertaining guests. So, if you’re going to modernize a room, make it the kitchen. We recommend glass cabinets and tables as they pretty much go with anything! Marble is a great material for your kitchen worktops. Its luxurious style can make any home look modern and classy, although it can put a hole through your pocket!  

Renovating your house can often leave your pocket dry, we hope this guide helped you think about some cheap and cheerful ways on making your home feel modern. 



James Williams
James is our Lead Content Publisher here at Feeds Portal. He has worked with many top websites over the years, including BuzzFeed.

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