How to Make Yourself More Employable

The process of searching for a job can be both time-consuming and demotivating, especially when you send off a series of applications and never hear back. It is true that the job market today is a very competitive place, and with so many people competing for the same position as you are, it is vital that you are able to make yourself stand out. This guide is here to help you learn more about how to make yourself stand out to a potential employer. 

Keep Studying 

Continuing to study, even after you have left school or university, is a great way to make yourself more employable. There are two main reasons why continuing to study makes you more employable. Firstly, it provides you with knowledge and skills that set you apart from other candidates. Secondly, continuing to study shows your dedication, perseverance, and interest in a topic. This will show a prospective employer that you are going to be a hardworking and motivated member of staff. 

It can be difficult to work out the best place to continue your studies, or indeed the subject you want to study. You need to think about many different things, such as whether you want a formal education at a college to get qualifications or whether you just want to study to better yourself. If you’re unsure about which path you want to take, online courses that have credit transfers are a good idea. The most employable courses tend to be STEM subjects, so studying science and maths further is a good idea. If you’re interested in general science, it’s highly recommended to start to continue your education with StraighterLine, their general chemistry courses online will transfer to many different colleges.

Sharpen Up Your CV 

Your CV represents you to a prospective employer, it can be your foot in the door or your reason for rejection, so it is vital that you make the right first impression. The first step for improving your CV is likely to be cutting it down. Your CV needs to fit on one side of A4 (without using a size six font or tiny margins). Your CV needs to be clear, simple, and concise, so it can provide a summary of who you are at a glance. It is useful to use bullet points to make the information more digestible.

There is no need to add a photograph to your CV, in fact, many employers frown upon it. However, it is useful to spend some time formatting your CV to give the right impression. You should make sure to choose a font that is legible and professional but still shows some personality. You also don’t need to add in every single piece of work experience that you have had. Keep your CV relevant and to the point. 

Read up On the Company

An employer will be able to tell if your application is copied and pasted from a template for similar positions. If you are desperate for a job, you might want to send off as many applications in a day as is humanly possible, but this is pretty counterproductive. It is much more effective to spend some time researching a company and position so you can make an informed application. Although this might take a bit more time, you are much more likely to see a result. 



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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