How to Make Your Birthday Unforgettable

The method of celebrating birthdays has drastically changed over the years. With outbreak of the social media platforms, and the interest and involvement of the people in the devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc., the birthday wishes are now mostly exchanged online. And in order to make such virtual celebrations more fun, many beautiful and engaging videos are being created and shared nowadays.

Celebrate Your Birthday with Different Types of Videos

While celebrating birthdays, there could be several types of videos that you can create depending on the age group your friend circle, their likes and dislikes, common memories that you have, etc. A couple of video types that you can prepare for birthdays include:

  • Slideshow of Images

If you have clicked some photographs of your friends, solo or in groups, you can have those pictures sequentially numbered, and use an efficient tool to create a slideshow. The best part of preparing such a video is, you don’t have to be technically qualified or master in the any video editing software. You can simply place the images in the Timeline, and compose a clip where each photo appears on the screen for a couple of seconds, before the next one comes up.

  • Recorded Video Wishes

In this type of video, each of your friends individually records themselves wishing the birthday, and sharing their thoughts. Once the clips from all your friends are received, and saved on your computer, they can be joined together to make a single movie. Such videos are helpful as you don’t have to play the footages from all your friends individually. Instead, the playback becomes continuous and seamless.

  • Old Videos’ Compilation

This one is almost similar to compiling the recorded video wishes. The only difference is, the footages used in this type are old, and may have varied resolution. Nevertheless, such type of videos, when created, give nostalgia to every friend in the circle.

Versatile Birthday Video Maker

Because birthdays are important, you may not want them to be ruined merely due to the unavailability of smart tools in an average video editing program that you plan to use for compilation. To avoid such disappointments, it becomes imperative to have an app that is intuitive, and at the same time it is equipped with all the options and features that any highly advanced industry-standard software usually has.

This is where WondershareFilmii comes into the picture.

WondershareFilmii is a program for Windows computers, and offers an easy way to edit and decorate the footages, thus allowing you to create attractive videos in no time. Filmii also has several built-in high-quality templates that you can use in conjunction with the AI-powered tools to create your videos automatically, in case you don’t want to start your project from the scratch.

Furthermore, convenient access to the text tool, stock audio and video files, stickers, and elements, and the multi-layered timeline approach enable you to produce professionally complex films, that can even be distributed to the mass for commercial gains.

In addition, Filmii also has some social media presets. These are helpful when you want your videos to be published on a particular platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.

It is extremely simple to create a birthday video with WondershareFilmii, and you can learn the process by following the instructions given below:

Step 1: Pick a Template to Start With

Launch WondershareFilmii on your Windows PC, make sure that the Create category is selected in the left bar, click to select a template that you want to use for the birthday video from the right window, and click Use this Template from the bottom-right corner of the box that pops up next.

Step 2: Add Media Files and Begin Compilation

On the next window, click Import File, select and import a media file to the program, click and drag the imported clip to the Timeline at the bottom, click Import from the top-left of the interface to add at least two more files to Filmii, and drag all of them to the Timeline as well. Next, click Auto Create from the bottom-right corner of the box, and wait while WondershareFilmii automatically prepares a project with the added clips.

Step 3: Customize the Ingredients

On the project window, you can use the Audio and Text icons in the left-most bar to make the required adjustments to video. Optionally you can click the Templates icon, and choose another template from the listif you are not happy with the current one. Click Export from the bottom-right to export the video. Alternatively, to get more control over the project, click Advanced Editing from the bottom-right corner of the window, click OK on the confirmation box that appears.

Step 4: Export the Video

On the project’s main window, use the available options in the left bar for fine editing and customizationsOnce everything is finalized, click Export from above the Preview window (in the Advanced Editing mode), ensure that Local is selected in the left pane of the Export window, use the available options in the right window to set export preferences, and click Export from the bottom-right corner to export the video to your local hard drive. Alternatively, you can also choose Facebook or TikTok from the left pane to export videos for those social media platforms.

Creative Birthday Video Ideas

If you are unsure as to which type of birthday video would be good, listed below are a few ideas that could be helpful:

  • Party Recap Clip – A compilation of a couple of short clips captured during the birthday celebration
  • Hobby-Focused Video – A movie clip that shows some noteworthy events based on the interests of the birthday person
  • Life Story Movie – A short film showcasing the important events that took place in the birthday person’s life that further helped them carve their future, and become an inspiration for the others


Even though you can call up and wish the birthday people personally, a video that has been specifically prepared for the purpose gives the feeling of being special. The entire compilation process becomes even more fun when you have access to an application like WondershareFilmii that is intuitive, requires less technical skills, and is capable of using the AI-powered approach to produce the outputs pretty quickly.

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