How to Make High Ticket Commissions with Digital Products

High Ticket Commissions with Digital Products

High ticket commissions are, commissions you receive of $1000 or more! Let’s look into the make up of the digital product market.

Digital products have become increasingly popular in recent years. There is a pretty good reason for this: They are the simple answer to many questions and problems of your target group. They are also quick to create and easy to deliver. With the right tool, you can completely automate payment processing, product delivery, and even your upsells and funnels.

You only need a few settings, and you already have your own automated business with which you can make high ticket commission online!

If you have already built up a particular scope for your product, you know the problems and questions of your target group. Think about what solutions you can offer. You can then quickly sell your experience, tips, tricks, instructions and knowledge online. In the form of digital products, such as eBooks, audio files, or software solutions, you can help your customers and readers in a relatively short time.

The Product Title

Choose a meaningful title that tells your visitors what it is about. The title is the second that the visitor sees after the picture. So it has to be well worded and arouse interest in the product. Take some time for this and try out different variants. To test your title, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the most readable?
  • Is it clear what it is about?

Do you feel like learning more about the product yourself?

It’s best to consult other opinions to see the whole thing from a different perspective. Sometimes you are too deep in the matter and no longer see the forest for the trees.

Be a Problem Solver

Important: You have to solve a problem with your product. This is the basis for successfully selling your digital products. If you take a closer look at our product image above, you will notice the title: “Your knowledge as an online course: Structured pages full of information, videos, downloads, quizzes, and automatic emails.”

Create Added Value

If you can solve a problem, it’s an excellent place to start. Provide your visitors with further helpful information, ideally before they click on “buy.” These can be tips about the product and the problem or links relevant to the topic. In this way, before you buy, you create the feeling of really learning something from you and finding a solution to your problem.

You can solve this in different ways. For example, you can run a blog about which you already share a lot of valuable content – for free, of course. If you are not the type to blog or you want to position yourself broader, you can also start a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, a Facebook group, or a podcast.

Always Keep an Eye on Your Target Audience

You should still know exactly who your target group is. Do you sell online courses to marketers or bankers? Do you speak to young people or so-called silver surfers?

Based on this, adapt your language, your texts, and your pictures. Your customers should feel comfortable, understood, and in good hands with you. So here it applies: the sound makes the music.

Stand by Your Customers with Advice

On the Internet, there is not only your offer, but there are also thousands. Your potential customers can quickly lose the overview. There is also the question: why should they buy YOUR product?

Pick up your customers at the point where they threaten to get lost in the myriad of offers, according to Make it clear in your product description that your products are well thought out and structured. Let them know exactly who your product is for and what problem you are solving.

You can provide additional security by offering that you can still be reached by email or even by phone after the purchase. This can be a big plus, which ultimately makes the final purchase decision in your favor.

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