How to Lose Weight Fast: Realistic Tips to Try Today

tips for trying to lose weight

You can find plenty of weight loss products that promise to help you to lose pounds quickly. An almost endless supply of supplements, meal replacements, and diets suggest that you can lose everything in a matter of days if you follow a specific, proprietary method.

Can some of those products work? Absolutely!

Almost all of us know someone who had a successful weight loss journey. If you need to lose 10 to 30 pounds right now and you want to get it done, then some meaningful, scientifically-backed strategies can get you to where you need to be.

Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Before you get started on this journey of losing weight fast, it is essential to remember that no food items are inherently good or bad. Some people have lost over 30 pounds by eating nothing but potatoes. One person managed to get results by eating Twinkies. Others use Leptitox (Best Leptitox Review here)

What matters more than what you eat is the quality of the food you choose. When you invest in better groceries to keep at home, then you have more ways to support your needs while promoting satiety.

1. Use Low-Glycemic Carbs to Your Advantage

The Glycemic Index is a chart that measures how fast the sugar from specific foods can enter your bloodstream. It also takes a look at how slowly your gastrointestinal tract digests everything. If you focus on creating a diet that includes lots of items that have a load factor below 55, then you’ll see results happen quickly.

The best foods to eat to lose weight fast include raw carrots, most fruits, chickpeas, green vegetables, and bran-based breakfast cereal. Anything that ranks above 70, such as short-grain white rice, is something to avoid.

2. Make Small Food Substitutions

If you can’t live without mashed potatoes when you make grilled chicken, then create a similar dish using cauliflower instead. If your favorite breakfast sandwich involves sausage and eggs, then switch to an egg-white and ham one instead. Keeping a food journal can let you see where some surprise calorie bombs are lurking so that you can make a quick change.

If you have a 300-calorie granola bar to get you past the 3 o’clock wall at work, then swap it out for one with half of the calories. The goal of this process is to start adapting new behaviors so that your fast weight loss efforts can stick.

3. Drink More Water Every Day

If you’re like 75% of the world, then you aren’t drinking enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day. When you don’t get enough fluids, your body releases a hormone that encourages water retention that can cause you to gain weight. Outsmart this physical process by drinking more, especially when you get up in the morning and right before a meal.

You can add some black coffee or tea into the mix if you prefer. Some people like to throw a wedge of lemon into their water to take advantage of the benefits that citrus fruits provide.

4. Eliminate Luxury Imbibing

The reality of modern weight loss for most people is that if each person stuck to their core meals and snacks, then there wouldn’t be any issues with obesity. The problem is that we look for special sweets, drinks, and other high-calorie items as treats. Ordering coffee from a local shop could add 500 calories to your diet that day. A milkshake could give you a boost of over 1,000 calories.

No one is saying that you shouldn’t reward yourself every so often. Instead of giving yourself luxury imbibing each day, try to restrict it to one cheat day per week. Once you get those habits under control, then you can move them to once every other week – and eventually to once per month.

The unfortunate part of this method is that most forms of alcohol must also disappear.

5. Give Yourself More Sleep at Night

When you don’t get enough sleep each night, then you create a slower metabolism. Staying up late one night here or there isn’t going to get you into trouble, but it can be a problem if late nights and early mornings are part of your usual routine.

Sleep deprivation has the same effect on the human brain as marijuana does for a desire to get some snacks. Fighting off those cravings when they strike can be exhausting!

The first step toward getting more sleep at night is to create a routine. When your body recognizes that it is time for rest, then transitioning to that state can happen a lot faster. Try to sleep in a dark, cool room where you can restrict outside light to ensure you get enough.

Then start going to bed about 30 minutes earlier. You will start seeing changes to your eating patterns in a few days – and more energy is going to be coming your way.

6. Focus on the Plants

When people eat more whole grains than refined ones, then they gain less weight over the years than the people who eat red meat, fewer vegetables, and sweetened beverages. A vegetarian diet that focuses on fresh produce, legumes, and fewer sugary items can lose more weight than people on most diets – including Atkins, Keto, and other low-carb options.

Fiber slows the digestion process. It also optimizes the nutrient intake that happens during meals, helping you to feel fuller for a longer time. When you can make this change, then the initial weight loss could be incredible!

Once you start the process of losing weight fast, adding some exercise is going to be helpful to the process. If you can walk or jog a couple of miles per day in the beginning, then your metabolism can increase to meet those needs. Don’t overdo it since that will cause additional fat retention! When you stay consistent and committed to the process, then you can turn the first five pounds into 10, get to 20, and keep going to whatever number you hope to achieve.



Ashley Macdonald
Ashley has recently joined the FeedsPortal content writing team and brings with her a wealth of journalistic experience, which we believe our readers will find extremely useful.

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