How To Learn A New Language With Your Smartphone

Learn A New Language

Learning a foreign language may be a necessary condition for working in some companies, says Linguatarian. Imagine, you need to talk with your clients in their native language or make numerous business trips to European or Asian countries. Aside from knowing English, you may need to know other foreign languages, at least to be able to understand general topics. No matter which country you are traveling to, you should be able to communicate with people on a basic level. However, how to find enough time to learn a new language on language courses?

You will not necessarily have a professional translator travelling with you for business trips. In this case, the best way to learn a new language is to do it by yourself when you have free time at home or during your day. With the advent of smart technology, the use of smartphones is on a rise in the present age. When you have a smartphone along with you almost all the time, learning a new language should not be a big deal. There are many language learning apps that have made language-learning convenient and easy for language enthusiasts.

Best Language Learning Apps 

The average US adult spends 2 hours, 55 minutes per day on a smartphone and more than  500,000 educational apps are present so far on the App Store and Google Play so education digital market is highly competitive nowadays. You will have to test many apps to find the best one for yourself so we tried to highlight the best of them.   

Whether you want to improve your grammar or vocabulary skills, language learning apps have turned out to be very useful and easy-to-use. Among the best apps are Duolingo app, Memrise, HelloTalk, Rosetta Stone, Babbel apps, Encore language learning app and Clozemaster app which have made studying new languages easier for the learners. Regardless of if you are a complete beginner or already have some knowledge of the language you want to know, these apps will help you get closer to language mastery.

Why Encore Language Learning App Is Different? 

Learning a new language with Encore app is simple and developed specifically for the needs of language learners as this app is very customizable. What makes Encore one of the best education apps: 

  • L1-L2 language learning process: Encore app uses the L1-L2 process of language learning. L1 is basically the language you already know and L2 is the language you desire to learn. Choose your desired language from the app. If you want to hear only the L2 language, then you have an option to turn off English version.
  • Simple Language Learning: Learning a language with the Encore app is also fun. Select a language you wish to learn and then opt for a lesson plan. The best part is that you can learn a new language in the Encore while exercising or commuting. 
  • Learn At Your Comfort Zone: What is better than studying from your comfort place? Choose your desired place and time and learn the language at your own pace. There is no restricted time for studying, you can learn a new language after coming back from the office or on holiday. 

Learning a foreign language is not a tough task when you have a mobile app that allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time. Choose the best app for yourself and start your language journey!

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