How to Keep Solar Panels Clean and Maintained

Solar panels can be costly upfront, and you will want to keep yours well taken care of so that you protect your investment. We will discuss some tips for maintaining and cleaning your solar panels here in this article to help you extend their lifespan.

We want to mention first of all that buying high quality solar panels will help you to pay less in maintenance costs and spend less time cleaning them. You should choose a solar installer you can trust, and have your panels inspected frequently to keep them operating well.

It’s a smart idea to get several quotes from various installers so that you save money and don’t pay more than you need to. That way, you can figure out which installer will fit your budget too.

Our Best Solar Maintenance Tips

Maximize your solar panel energy production by keeping the panels away from shade as much as possible. Setting up the panels in the right spot is crucial to getting a return from your investment.

Check your panels regularly to ensure that the green inverter lights are flashing. If they aren’t, then you could be losing out on the energy you need.

Keep a record for the daily solar panel performance. You should write down which days are especially cloudy and record how much energy is being produced. You might notice inconsistent results. If you need a monitoring system to help keep good records, ask your solar panel manufacturer.

With a quality monitoring system, you can know for sure how much CO2 is being saved, and how much your efforts are helping the environment. The monitoring system can also tell you how much you might benefit from the feed-in tariff scheme.

A solar panel monitoring system typically comes with a wall-mounted display that shows all the relevant information.

To save time on cleaning the panels, you can have automated cleaners installed that will function similarly to a sprinkler system. For a really thorough cleaning you can trust, you should contact GB Cleaning Services.

The good thing about cleaning solar panels is that they don’t have any parts that move, so breakdown and rust should not affect them much.

How to Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

If you want to clean your solar panels effectively, then you should buy a solar panel cleaning kit. This contains a wiper, biodegradable soap, and a brush. There will be instructions on the soap bottle for how to use it, which typically involves mixing it in a bucket with some water. Then, wipe down the solar panels gently with the brush. You could also use a soft brush and water to clean solar panels without buying the cleaning kit.

The best time to clean solar panels is when they are wet, says FamilyHandyman. Any residue on them will wipe off easily.

Make sure that the kind of brush or other cleaning tool you use is not abrasive. A soft rag works well to ensure the panels are not scratched, and then any kind of biodegradable soap can make the job even easier.

Use no abrasive cleaning supplies at all to clean the panels, since they can be expensive to repair if you damage them.

If you keep your panels clean, then you could be able to wash them off with a hose without the need for scrubbing most of the time. Frequent cleaning means you will need to call for professional maintenance less often.

It is best to use a long handle wiper to clean the panels and stand on the ground to do it, avoiding working from the roof entirely. If you climb on the roof to clean, though, be sure to use a harness or other safety measures, since the surface can get slippery as you clean.

Don’t allow dirt to accumulate on the solar panels, since that would prevent the panels from absorbing sunlight effectively.

Do Solar Panels Really Need Cleaning?

It’s a question we hear occasionally, and the answer is that yes, they do. The kind of panels you have and the environment you live in will determine how often they need to be cleaned. It’s not a bad idea to talk to your solar panel manufacturer about their advice for keeping the panels clean.

If you want your panels to last a long time and work well for you, absorbing plenty of sunlight, then be sure to keep them clean and well maintained. Any solar panels that are not working well or that have become old or damaged will need to be replaced to keep energy absorption high.

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