How to Harness Positivity from Anger

I am sure that you have been told many times that uncontrolled anger can take you to dark places.

What you do with this energy is ultimately your choice, but I can assure you that so much good can come from anger, even if the situation seems really bad.

What is “Anger”?

Anger is one of the most common emotions we feel in reaction to unpleasant stimuli. It is one of the first emotions we express as little children, in addition to happiness and laughter. I am sure you will have seen small children throw a fit when they do not get what they want. But, do you notice that they sometimes do get what they want when they express this anger?

When these kids throw a fit, in many cases, the parents or minders do everything possible to pacify them. They get what they want. And you can do this too!

When you feel angry, channel that energy to get what you want…

What Happens When You Feel Anger?

The feeling of anger can be expressed in so many different ways. Some people describe the feeling like a rush of adrenaline, and a strong urge to do something quickly – something they feel will bring some satisfaction. Some others claim that they see ‘red flashes’. Whatever experience you have when you feel angry, there is always a choice – lose control or harness that energy for positive effect.

Types of Anger

There are three types of anger…

  • Passive aggression,
  • Expressive anger, and
  • Assertive anger.

You should be able to get a lot of positivity from one and three above. Try and avoid expressive anger if possible.

What You Can Do with the Energy

You can channel the energy from anger to become a motivation. Anger is one of the emotions that is directly associated with determination.

When you feel angry, you suddenly become determined to do something. If this energy is channeled to achieve a goal, you will be more likely to make the positive gain.

For example, if you fail an examination or got looked over for a promotion at work, you can choose to feel sorry or angry.

Instead of allowing rage to consume your thoughts, channel the anger into finding a solution. You can focus on studying harder to pass the exam, or doing what is necessary to catch the attention of your employers to get that promotion.

Don’t beat yourself over failure. Instead, use the energy from anger to strive to get what you want.

It all starts with a plan. We all make plans, but when you channel the energy from anger, you will feel motivated and disciplined to achieve your goals.

You don’t have to do it alone, you can get help from websites such as The journey towards mastering your anger and harnessing positivity from strong emotion needs a lot of practice, but it is worth persevering.

If you do so, you will become more self-aware with a strengthened focus to become a better person.

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