How to Get the Most Out of Your Teams with a Team Assessment

In an ideal world, your teams all work like well-oiled machines, with colleagues bouncing ideas off each other and spurring each other to even greater productivity levels. However, rarely is this the case. Personalities often clash, skillsets are frequently mismatched, and collaboration becomes challenging. 

While these are challenges viewed as commonplace within the workforce, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are ways in which you can evaluate your teams to ensure that everyone is a good fit and bring about a more cohesive unit. 

With a team assessment, you can begin to learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of team members and learn how to organise them in a more productive and efficient manner.

So what is a team assessment and how can you use one to your advantage? 

What is a Team Assessment? 

As you might have guessed, a team assessment involves a series of tests that evaluates each member of your team on aspects such as skills, aptitudes, personality, and problem-solving approaches, to name but a few.

Once you learn more about the diverse traits of your team with team assessment tools such as the Bridge Personality Team Workshop, you can begin to build a clearer picture of how your team operates. Consequently, you can use the insights delivered in a team report to better understand how you should organise your teams to reap maximum productivity and quality of work. 

How Can a Team Assessment Improve Performance? 

Several reasons make a team assessment a worthy endeavor. While it’s impossible to list them all, here are some of the key advantages that a team assessment will bring to your organisation. 

Improved Personnel Fits

Have you always wondered if employee X’s bold and brash personality conflicts with the way employee Y likes to quietly and diligently get on with their work? If so, personality tests contained within your overarching team assessment will reveal potential clashes between your employees. 

You can then use that information to pair well-matched employees together or create smaller teams that work well together. Thus, you not only improve productivity, but you also boost morale amongst team members. 

Better Role Assignments 

With the strengths and weaknesses of your team members uncovered, you can better align roles to the employees who fit them best. 

Employees will rarely be forthcoming with their weaknesses, so you can often end up with employees delivering poor results despite their best efforts. With insights delivered via a team assessment, you can take subjectivity out of the equation and assign roles based on aptitude and skills rather than subjective personal preferences. 

Better Understanding and Team Communication 

The added benefit of a team assessment is that there is no need to keep the insights you’ve gained to yourself or fellow managers. By sharing what you’ve learned with team members themselves, they can better understand their colleagues’ behavioural traits and preferences.

By sharing in this manner, you can avoid employees inadvertently causing friction with their fellow workers and improve communication and cohesion across smaller teams and even entire departments. Within this more pleasant working environment, your teams are much more likely to thrive. 

Where Can Businesses Create and Purchase a Team Assessment?

A comprehensive team assessment is made up of multiple tools and tests. To create the ideal team assessment, you need the right tools at your disposal.  

At TestGroup, our multifaceted testing and assessment options allow your company to create perfect assessment reports for your team. Whether you want to focus on personality traits or skills attributes, our range of evaluation tools help you to select the best combination for your specific needs. With tests priced at as little as €5, you could achieve team performance and productivity improvements representing more than a 1000% return on investment. 

If you would like help regarding the right tests and tools to include in your team assessment, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our advisors today at +31 (0)20 262 1630 or via email  

Alternatively, if you already know what you would like to include, simply or a team assessment at the TestGroup website.

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