How to Get Rid of Rats Outside: Signs, Tips, and Solutions

It is said that there are as many rats in the world as humans. That’s a total of 7 billion rats and explains why you are never that far from one. But, despite the number of rats, you still don’t want them in your yard or your home. 

Fortunately, you don’t need to, it is possible to eliminate rats from outside your home, you just need the right techniques. 

It is worth noting that seeing one rat often means there are many more. If you have an infestation in your house or outside, it’s a good idea to call the specialists, find out more here.

Signs Of A Rat Problem

If rats are in your yard it’s only a matter of time before they come into your house. That’s another reason to act quickly. In general, the first sign you have a rat problem outside is when you see them.

If you’re concerned, try standing outside at dusk and listening. You’ll hear rats scarpering around and you may even see one or two of them.

It is possible that you’ll see their deposits. However, unless you have a clean yard this is unlikely. 

Dealing With Them

The experts can eliminate rats the fastest and give you tips regarding how to keep them away. However, you can take steps yourself. 

Consider Food

Rats, like most creatures, need food to survive. They will eat almost anything and are quite happy looking through your garbage. To prevent this, take all rubbish out in sealed bags and then place it inside an outside bin with a lid. This will make it impossible for rats to get to it.


Alongside food, rats need water to survive. There are various sources of water in the wild. But, there shouldn’t be many in your garden. You’ll want to take a good look around and eliminate anything that collects water. That’s old plant pots, rubbish, and even bird baths. Collecting water simply invites rats and other pests to your home. 


The third thing that rats need is shelter. Before they head for your house they are likely to use clutter in your garden. That means, the fastest way to eliminate them is to remove their shelter; Tidy your yard and make sure there are no piles of rubbish and other clutter. This will deprive the rats of somewhere to live and deter them from coming to your yard.


There are plenty of traps on the market that you can purchase which will help you to catch and release or catch and kill the rats. The choice regarding which type of trap to use is yours. Simply place them in locations where the rats are likely to go and add the necessary bait. 

You’ll want to make sure they can’t harm any pets you have. In addition, if you opt for humane traps you’ll need to decide how and where you will release the rats. It’s important to check with your local state to confirm any guidelines regarding this. 

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