How To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains? 5 Ways To Be Considered

How To Get Rid Of Blocked Drains

If the water in your sink is going down slower than usual, the water seems to be backing up in the sink, if you have an unusual smell emanating from your drains, or if you hear a gurgling sound from your drain, then you are experiencing a blocked drain.

Unfortunately, blocked drains are a common plumbing problem. If left untreated, drain blockage will result in burst pipes, flooding, mildew, mould or other types of costly property damage.

Plumbers often remark about the surprises that they retrieve from blocked drains. Food, grease, nappies, food, hair, jewellery, toys, or cigarette/cotton buds aren’t the only materials that can find their way down a drain. Other blockage material can consist of tree roots, plants, underground branches, or blocked with silt.

Here are 5 options available to you to get rid of blocked drains:

1. Plunger

For years, the plunger was the go-to tool for blocked drains. What we did not know is that when we use a plunger, it is best to cover nearby drains so that a strong seal is created for the specific drain you are working on.

For minor material stuck in the drain, the up and down motion of a plunger can loosen it so that water will flow normally again. However, if the clog in the drain is grease or other liquid mineral deposits, then a plunger will not work.

2. DIY Cleaner

Handed down from grandparents are proven DIY cleaning solutions that help to remove drain blockage waste. Products like a baking soda and vinegar mixture poured into the drain helps to create a chemical reaction that helps to clear the pipes. This treatment may require a repetitive process to wholly clear the pipes from blockage waste, but it does work.

3. Boiling Water

Hot water to release drainage pipe blockage is also a real wives-tale cure-all. Even though it works after several attempts, unfortunately, it can ruin your pipes. Boiled water entering a PVC pipe system can loosen its joints, causing erosion problems. Pour hot water down metal or ceramic pipes only. Boiled water can remove food or grease build-up.

4. OTC Cleaners

Everyone is familiar with caustic cleaners that you can buy at home improvement stores. Their chemical make-up will dissolve hair, food, grease, and other clogs. Read and follow the instructions to the letter so that your pipes will be clear of blockage waste and to protect your face and hands.

5. Hydro-Jet

Residential homes don’t normally keep a hydro-jet laying around the house. In this drain blockage treatment, it is best to use a professional licensed plumber like The Relining Company. This jet blast process is safer on the piping system in homes and offices.

A hydro-jet water blasting device consists of a lengthy hose fitted with a high-pressure nozzle. Once the blockage is located, the nozzle will deliver a blast of high-pressure water to break up the blockage. A jet blast device is friendlier to a drain and pipe system.

Blocked Drain Endnote

There are additional tools that can be used to unclog drains. These include drain snakes and an auger that is designed with a hook at the end to grab the clog. Modern technology within the plumbing industry has introduced CCTV inspection tools like a camera that is guided through the piping system to identify what is causing the blockage in your pipes.

Blocked drains can be a challenge and it is important for the health of the pipes to use the right unblocking drain tools. Australia is a global leader in water conservation. For this reason, using the services of a professional and experienced plumber will save you time and money.



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